Occupy APB

Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City based in Zuccotti Park/ Liberty Park in the Wall Street financial district. These protests were initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters. They are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corporate power and influence over the government and of lobbyists, this protests has sparked similar responses in over 900 cities, including Los Angeles.

The relevance of this movement is left to speculation, the movement has caught the attention of the media, musicians, and even politicians, but what do the students of Animo Pat Brown think?

“There is great significance in this movement” said Katherine Chavez, an APB senior and advocate of these Occupy movements. ”It Allows people of this nation to have a voice and hopefully defeat the corruption that the government has established over the time” said Katherine.

Jorge Flores, a sophomore at APB, shares Katherine’s views.

“I believe this is very significant, the fight to end greed has started, people are taking a stand,” Jorge said, adding that he doesn’t believe  that money should be America’s priority, “Money is not a substitute for a life,” Jorge said.

We agree with both of our classmates, we personally went down to Occupy Los Angeles and witnessed the eclectic mass. Surrounded by tents and fellow advocates the ambiance was a marvel to behold; to see many people gathering for a universal cause, to us, embodies true Democracy.

A self-sufficient community stood before us, they had a donation station, food, water, music, a couple of individuals were skating ,and some were even playing football.

The occupation proved to be nothing like the depictions of those against the movement, we expected to see a disorganized group of radicals but that was not the case.

The only way to discredit the integrity of any movement or its revolutionary conceptuality is by initiating a smear campaign against them, and when that does not work they send in the police armed with tear gas and arrest them for peacefully gathering in the name of Democracy.

992 people have already been arrested and with the economic state of the country wasting money on incarcerating these individuals does not seem like the rational thing to do.

“These arrests are unfair but they are displaying that our opponents are intimidated by our actions, ” said Katherine

The movement has generated quite a response, but what can Animo Pat Brown do to support this movement?, Should we support this movement being as how we are a part of the 99%?

“APB should support the movement,” said Jorge “People need to be informed about the injustice the government has practiced on its people in the name on Capitalism.”

“APB should support this movement because we are part of this, many people are recognizing our type of government and what its doing, ” said Katherine. “There are in justices regarding economical issues as well as others that are effected by economic issues.”

Regardless of APB’s choice the movement will not be deterred, nor will its advocates cease till they get what they feel the government has stolen from them. The protests at Liberty Park have been going for 41 days now, people have waded through the rain and marched against cold winds to get their message across, despite the government’s attempt to end and discredit this movement it seems as though it is here to stay. Its not like the socioeconomic injustice will disappear if the protests do, it just means we, the 99% need to step it up.

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