Don’t blame the teacher, blame the student

Lately, many students out our school have become careless in their studies. They
have begun to put work off and accept ‘F’s on assignments with no intention of
changing it whatsoever. The teachers and faculty at our school have always been
extremely encouraging to all of the students to work hard and do their best on every
single assignment. But the students continue to be defiant. Students need to take
the time to appreciate the dedication and time the people around them are enforcing

While the students at APB are extraordinarily smart according to test and essays,
they seem to be extraordinarily lazy according to their grades. Students are
beginning to fail more classes than ever before. Is the school doing something
wrong? Are the parents doing something wrong? Or are the students to blame?

While some people may point their finger directly at the teacher, the fact of the
matter is, they’re the ones preventing the kids from the wrong path. People think just
because their kid is doing badly in school, the kids have a bad teacher. They never
assume that the real cause is their kid, or maybe even themselves.

Some parents take the time to remind their child they have homework and some
even check that they have done it everyday, while other parents just send their child
to school and forget about them. Parents need to understand that they need to be
closely involved in their child’s studies in order for them to succeed.

Students are also beginning to take less and less responsibility for their actions.
They have begun to slack off and some have completely gave up on schoolwork all
together. They need to understand the importance of school in their lives. School is
not just some day thing that they can worry about sometimes.

Students and parents need to open their eyes to their own actions. They need to see
that what they are doing is not in the best intentions. If everyone just cared a tad
more, so many students would not be on the not on track list. If everyone cared just
a little but more, someone’s life would change for the better.

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