Fat kids need tough love

Look around; are more people looking fatter than before? According to studies from an organization called Alliance for a Healthier Generation, one in three children in America is obese. In the past couple of years, many states like Georgia came up with advertisements about obese children.

It is said by many viewers that it is a cruel advertisement because it makes children feel insecure about themselves.

Although it may seem bad, I believe that it may be the only way people actually pay attention to what is going on in the world.

Most of the time people do not pay attention to their health until a family member gets diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, or dies of some type of disease. That is when the family begins to care about their health and becomes involved in making a change.

People today do not listen by being told things nicely instead they need to be told rudely and meanly. These commercials might seem cruel, but it did its job and caught people’s attention about child obesity.

Personally, when I see an obesity commercial or advertisement I have ignored them; I know that it is a big issue going on in the world but I never really cared since it does not affect me.

When I first saw the ads that aired in Alabama and Georgia, it caught my total attention for the reason that it triggered my emotions by making me feel bad for these fat kids.

At first, I thought the adver

tisements were sad but it made me realize that we have to stop it, we have to tell people about child obesity and this was the only way.

People will always argue that it is “bullying” and “tough-love”, but whatever it may be, it is doing its job by communicating to parents how big of an issue obesity is becoming for children.

I do not care what people think the ads, I care that it has opened peoples eyes to the reality. It probably opened many parents’ eyes of what their children might be going through or what they might be feeling.

These advertisements show how kids feel insecure of themselves, how they are displeased of their weight. It is the truth of how many over weighted kids feel and people need to know that and stop obesity.

As children view these ads, it makes them think that being over weight is not a nice thing. That is the purpose of these advertisements; they were put up for a reason: to make parents aware about what they might be doing to their child.

It may hurt a lot of children, but it is better to inform them

that being obese is not beneficial, and instead tell them that they need to get their parents’ help to become healthy or to stay healthy.

Parents can keep protesting about these cruel advertisements hurting their kids, but the truth is, if your 10 year old child is 130 pounds, they are obese and something has to be done. If parents do not help their children, then who will?

Children do not decide what they eat, they just eat what they are fed so it is up to the parent to help them stay on a diet.

Parents cannot keep holding their kids’ hand telling them that being obese is not bad; that only makes problems worse.

These messages are being brought up everywhere on billboards, television, and the radio.

Even Disney World came up with games about obesity. One of them was called Habit Heroes which consisted of overweight characters that needed to be fed vegetables. It was said that its purpose was to teach kids how to eat healthy but to a lot of people do not see it that way.

This game may have seemed silly to some people but it got many parents upset about the “harmful” message it brought to kids that the game was shut down; in reality it was just telling kids to stay healthy or else they will get fat; nothing bad or harmful, just the truth.

Advertisements are not meant to please the people but to give a message, make them aware of an issue, or sell stuff. There is nothing immoral about theses advertisements-yes they are cruel, but they are also honest because they are actually helping the world open their eyes about how bad obesity is becoming.

These ads could say harsh things like “Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid,” but it is the truth. The truth hurts, it hurts being told you are too skinny or you are too fat but it is better to be told than to be lied at that everything is okay.

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