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Shaming overweight kids is cruel

The Alabama,Georgia’s Children’s Health Alliance created billboards and ads exposing young children being over weight, the health alliance published that the ads and billboards were created to show parents not to be in denial about their children being over weight because 40 percent of children are obese. The way they are approaching the issue of the high childhood obesity in Georgia is extremely cruel and inhumane to the children who are being targeted and affected and they have caused great controversy. The creation of the ads and billboards was a way to take on this issue of the high childhood obesity rate.

The ads on television and the billboards say things like “being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.” The ads demonstrate other striking images like an overweight young little girl and then a quote at the bottom of the image saying this “its hard to be a little girl when your not.” How cruel and cold hearted are the people who are publishing those types of things. The creation of the ads and billboards was a way to take on this issue of the high childhood obesity rate.

However just because this is a growing epidemic in Georgia does not mean the billboards are a positive way to take on this issue. If children see that on television or on a billboard it won’t encourage or aid them in eating healthier and wanting to lose weight. It would only make them feel worse and probably make them gain more weight.

This is a huge issue not only Georgia but in the United States. There is a huge percentage of children and adult obesity. That does not mean it is OK to create cruel commercials and call children fat. It needs a different take on the issue. Organizations should help to create commercials, billboard or ads to encourage not only children but as well as adults to start living a healthy life.

In the United States, to lower the childhood obesity in general, is to make getting healthy fun for children. Parents as well should play a big role in helping themselves and their children create a good healthy lifestyle.

To start, they should begin by purchasing good tasting healthy snacks that their children would like to eat. There are many different kinds of healthy foods. Getting healthier consist of a well maintained diet as well as exercise. One form of exercise could be children playing in a park or walking. Getting healthy does not have to be something boring, parents and children can make it fun. Children could join sports teams such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, karate and dance class. These kinds of activities can be enjoyable for children and at the same times make children get a good amount of exercise and lose weight.

This is a better approach than showing commercials demonstrating over weight children being called fat and other cruel words. This approach will not make children feel bad about themselves but encourage them to start living healthier.

The type of ads that are being showed are cruel and cold hearted; they affect young children harshly. These comments are hurtful and cruel to children. This is not the way to confront the issue of childhood obesity.

The correct way for people to take on the issue is by encouraging them to lead children in the right direction. Another list of ways to get healthy is to take vitamins, eat vegetables, and never skip breakfast because its the most important meal of the day.

Disney World “Habit Heroes” attack obese children on their vacations

Disney World just shut down their exhibit of the recently new exhibit of the “Habit heroes” in Orlando, Florida. Disney World was supposedly trying to address the issue of obese children.

Many people were upset because the cartoon characters were demonstrated as overweight The purpose of the characters being demonstrated the way they were was to show to children the dangers of children eating too much junk food.

Disney World was approaching the serious issue by trying to put an effort to encourage healthier lifestyles for young children. Although that was a good thing to encourage healthy eating and exemplify the harm of fatty foods this was not the way Disney should have approached the issue.

Disney world is a place for not only children but people of all ages to have a good time. To demonstrate children overweight will jus make their time in Disney awful .Their time there is suppose to be fun and enjoyable.

Disney World should have demonstrated healthy eating for children. For example heroes that like to eat vegetables and enjoy doing exercises.

It would have been a better way to handle the issue of children being overweight.

There are many different ways that Disney could have made healthy something fun for children. It is the happiest place on earth surely they could create a exhibit like that.

Healthy heroes would encourage children to start getting healthy. Young children are easily influenced by what they like, for that reason Disney should open a exhibit with healthy heroes to encourage children to eat healthy.

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