Junk Food Hypocrisy at your School

Students exchanging their money for a snack or frozen food items in the vending machines.

Students exchanging their money for a snack or frozen food items in the vending machines.

Every day students rush to the lunch line while others stand by in disgust and head towards the vending machines  for “better” food. They either don’t like the lunch food at all or they prefer to bring their own lunch or buy something to eat  from the vending machines that are in the school.

Junior Christopher Corrales rarely eats junk food from the school vending machines. However Christopher says that when he eats the schools lunches he feels energized and awake during his psychical activities.
Animo Pat Brown is connected with an organization that is called Revolutionary Food that provides the school with the lunch food everyday.

At Revolution Foods,  they serve real food for all students . Meaning that they do not serve no artificial trans of fats, no artificial ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, and no fried foods. This means that they freshly prepare meals served with real ingredients and none of those bad stuff. They are committed in providing students with healthy and affordable lunch and snacks that provides students with the energy they need to excel throughout their day.

Students should be consuming one fourth of scratches in other words grains. Such as brown rice or whole wheat bread. The other one fourth of one’s plate is protein which should be the size of one’s palm. Half of the  plate should be filled with fruit and veggies. A reasonable condiment to wash their food down can either be dairy or water.
He balances his school lunch by getting every item necessary to receive the right nutrients. He never out proportions his plate he keeps proportions right. Also before school starts he also consumes a milkshake as breakfast which keeps him going throughout the day.
Not only does Revolutionary Foods provide nourishing lunches for students that will keep them energized throughout the day, They as well provide healthy snacks in the school lunches or for after school activities

Chris says due to healthy eating options he doesn’t feel tired when working out for four a day. He feels energized and healthy rather than tired.
Revolution Foods provide whole grain snacks that are packed with more natural flavor than regular junk food. They are Packaged and designed specifically to provide 1 grain, which is like bread. Plus it is equivalent to the National School Lunch Program. Revolution Foods provide healthy snacks such as Popalongs and Rumbles are a deliciously smart snacking choice for kids.

Comparing the most boughten item in the schools vending machines are hot cheetos which are packed with 170 calories from fat 99. However the Rumbles that Revolutionary foods provide are about 100 calories and 3 grams of fat. Hot cheetos in the other hand contains 11 grams trans of fat whereas Rumbles contain 0 grams. In comparison to to Rumbles and Hot cheetos have 231 grams of sodium then Rumbles.
If people knew what Hot cheetos were really made of and what it can do to one, then less people would be consuming them.

Hot Cheetos contain enzymes which helps the cheese in the product to develop unique flavors. The enzymes contain a variety of vegetables and animal sources to develop the cheese.The Animal enzymes are usually derived from to help the cheese seasoning.
If ones consumes Hot Cheetos about 5 more times a week they can expect acne every soon and also start feeling very sluggish.
The past years I was an overweight person however now that I got on diet, I am what consider healthy weight because of my height and age. I rarely eat junk food now, but when I do I don’t go overboard. When I consumed junk food everyday I would feel heavy and tired most of the time. But that I do not eat sweets or unhealthy snacks as often I feel energized and active. I workout about 4 times a week for 30 minutes.

Not only that, junk food in general contains so many harmful chemicals that people don’t realize or take count of. One of the 4 most common chemicals used in junk are:

L-cysteine, an amino acid used to process dough for increased flexibly of the bread, which facilitates better machine processing. This chemicals is usually comes from animal hair.

Silicon dioxide is sand it is often added to process meat or poultry to prevent clumps, and is often use in tacos as well. These ingredients are  used for the chili from both Wendy’s and Taco Bell.

Cellulose is processed wood pulp and used in everything from cheese to dressing. It’s often use in muffins to strawberry syrup as well. Ironically this chemical is use to thicken and stabilize foods to replace fats and boost fiber content.

Carminic acid, are beetlejuice’s and are disguised as  food dyes approved by the FDA. It include colors synthesized from petroleum, derivatives, and coal tar.

But with all of the negative attention paid to artificial food color, natural dyes are on the rise. Some food dyes are based on natural ingredients come from things that you may not care to ingest. Carminic acid, is commonly used red food coloring that comes from the dried, crushed bodies of female scale insects called cochineal.

Here at Animo Pat Brown ,we have vending machines that contain baked chips, candy, and many more sweets for the students here.In an other vending machine it contains frozen products such as ice cream , pop stickle sticks. frozen pizza ,frozen hamburgers and frozen burritos.

Or the other vending machines that ranges from chips, crackers, cookies, gummies, pastries, and easy staple food known as cup of noodles. Most of these products seem very appetizing to students and some students just buy them because of their starvation for food.

Obviously these foods are not a good healthy choice for students who attend a school that is trying to spread awareness about healthy eating habits. What we need to do as a school is focus more on our students health. It seems that our focus on college readiness is in the way of doing so but it is not impossible to create a change in our generations eating habits.

We can start off with little steps by providing more veggies and fruits for the students here. Then once we continue doing that  we can start small organizations that has to do with growing organically veggies and fruits . An the students will be in charge of them their selves. Full responsibility will be on the individual who is willing to contribute to this organization.

But what about outside of the school? , Well there is almost a fast food restaurant about half a mile away from each other. It is clear that the issue is not in school but in society as well. The sad part about this is that they are more unhealthy options then healthier options. Within the mile range around the school there are more than over ten fast food eating places including liquor stores a well. In comparison to healthy eating locations there are around two more than a mile away.

Due to these locations these students and young adults do not really have a variety of healthy options to choose from. The majority of the time they go to the fast food places because it is near and they don’t have to walk far in order to get food.

The more obvious reason is because these fast food places are made with the food ingredients they are used too because they most likely grew up eating at these fast food places. On the other hand they are very easy to access and quite more cheaper then going to the grocery store.

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