Immigration is a topic in which many people can debate about. Immigration is the movement of people onto another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there. Many people dont know immigrants are and where they come from. The usual stereotype of an immigrant is from Mexico. The truth is that immigrants come from around the world. Normally immigrants come to the United States for a better life and chasing the American dream. Even though  some people can debate that the American Dream does not exsit for others it does.


*In your opinion what is immigration? “People come to another state for them and their family.”(Yessenia Palma, Senior).

*Do you think immigrants are criminals? “No, because some Americans are criminals too.” (Yessenia Palma, Senior).”Some are because they only come here to run away from a problem but others come here for a better life.”(Nancy Rameriez,Junior)

*If you were an immigrant would you fight for an immigration reform?”Yes, because he wants rights so like many people have.”(Kevin A., Sophmore)

*Why do you think the president is taking so long in help or realizing an immigration reform?” Because the president has papers and has not gone through a immigration experience.”(Zulema Carillo, Junior) “Promised to be elected.”(Yahaira, Freshman).

*Do you think immigrants deserve citizenship?”Yes, because they are hardworkers.”(Yessenia Palma, Senior) “All people are humans.” (Kevin A., Sophmore)

*Why do immigrants immigrate to the U.S.? ” For a better life, American Dream.”(Zulema Carillo, Junior) “To get a better life and get the American Dream.” (Kevin A., Sophmore).



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