Drones, moral or immoral?…..You decide!

Recently, The U.S have confirmed the death of the most wanted terrorist by the C.I.A. Hakamula Meshud was killed by a drone strike. This might be a win for the U.S , however, we cannot forget the damage and the casualties of the innocent civilians these drones has caused. A total of 3,140 civilians victims of these drone strikes, 2% being targeted terrorists, the rest sadly being civilians. Many homes, schools, and historical areas in Pakistan have been destroyed by U.S drone strikes.  With this devastating aftermath, many Pakistanians have called this a “war crime” and are protesting to their government to take action of this issue.

Drones are unmanned air crafts that are designed to be used as surveillance or to destroy targets. Since 2000, the CIA have sent drones to patrol the skies of Pakistan, to hunt down the most wanted terrorists. This technology has been very essential to the US to keep order in other countries. These air crafts cost about 4.5-11 million per unit, this is a big chunk of the U.S budget. To even the odds, the U.S has created two different types of drones,the predator and reaper drone. Each drone is programmed to complete a different tasks. The predator is programmed to be used as a surveillance to identify the targets. The reaper drone is programmed to destroy a target with rockets and missiles leaving a devastating aftermath.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/AHrZgS-Gvi4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> (video demonstrating the drone)

Due to the fact that this is a very controversial topic there are many pros and cons to this topic, the following are the pros and cons.

PROS : – The U.S claims that this method of warfare can prevent the casualties of U.S soldiers sent around the world.

– The U.S states that this technology is useful for hunting down terrorists.

– This technology can improve the strategies of war.

– Using the predator drones are a good method of surveillance.

– This technology can help defend U.s borders from foreign attacks

– This advancement in technology can intimidate the enemy.

– These drones can provide multiple strikes upon a target from a distance.

– Drones are very easy to deploy and to control.

CONS : – These drones could be used for spying on the whole world.

– This technology can be sold around the world causing a “space war.”

– The civilians being killed by drone strikes.

– The damage of areas being demolished by drone strikes.

– The  possibility that drones can “take over” the skies.

– The millions of dollars invested in these drones.

Do you believe that drones should be sent to other countries or be used at all? Are drones moral or immoral? Please leave your comment on the space provided  and choose your side.


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