New Year, New Love, New You

As 2013, a very eventful year of romance and betrayal, comes to an end 2014 comes into view with a new wave of opportunities and problems to overcome. The new year brings in new relationship resolutions and maybe even the courage to ask out your crush! The new year is a time of rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul, but in order for the the new opportunities to begin we have to come out of our shells and just be ourselves and charm the whole world with our individual charisma.

As the media portrays the male gender as only wanting one thing from relationships, my interviews were vastly different from the common stereotype, well aside from a single black sheep within the plethora of guys pushing against the stereotype and giving me a new view. Adrian Amaya a sophomore here at Animo Pat Brown was a little hesitant at the concept of telling me a personal goal but after gentle coaxing he finally told me what he intended to do which took a lot of courage. Adrian confided in me that his goal, was to get a girlfriend and well he couldn’t really think of anything at the moment. After just talking to him I realized he was a sweet but shy boy who was trying to find a way, a simple way to tell the girl he likes his feelings and I give him props because I know how it feels to have butterflies in my tummy when you are just so close to telling your crush your feelings. A fellow male sophomore who chose to remain anonymous said his top goal was “I want to ask out my crush, but I have to stop being a chicken and just ask her out.” He seemed rather motivated to make the new year perfect for him and his maybe his potential girlfriend. As both Adrian and his buddy stated they are both very negative and become vastly more positive because that is what bringing them down. Words of Wisdom from Adrian Amaya include, “It doesn’t hurt to ask” and i completely agree with him.

On the other side of the spectrum the female resolutions were varied from single to in a relationship. Junior Yasmin Castillo told me about her and her boyfriend and how everything is going in their relationship. She simply stated,”I just don’t want us to fight, things are pretty good right now so I want things to stay the same and if we do fight I hope the fight is small.” I wish Yasmin and her boyfriend the best in their relationship, and I hope her resolution stays in tact for the whole year. Fellow junior Cassandra Enriquez had a simple resolution that she has kept for the past couple of years and deserves a lot of respect of being able to make this resolution and say it proudly around judgmental people,”No type of sexual actions, abstinence is key.” I love how she doesn’t care what people think and that she does what will keep her on track in her school and personal life. An anonymous sophomore gave advice but also kind of subliminally set her new years resolution, ” Help and understand your significant other”. She set a kind of corner stone for her new year love life and knows exactly what she wants from her potential boyfriend.

Alas, there is another group of individual people both male and female who don’t have positive new years resolutions. A junior girl said ” I don’t have a love life so why would I have a resolution.” She kind of laughed about after telling me because she hasn’t worked up the nerve to tell her crush her feelings. Most after hearing the questions clammed up and just told me well I don’t have a love life so I don’t really need one, but they do have hopes for the coming years like getting out of the friend zone, talking to their crush, or trying to just be cool around their crushes.

Wendy Ponce, my co-writer on this piece gave me her full love resolution. Her main goal is to focus on taking things slow with her best friend since they were children. She writes, “My hopes for the new year of 2014 is that we can go somewhere different than where we are now. The ways i will accomplish this is by keeping our communication strong and balancing my time with him.” She is very dedicated to her goals and will not stop until she keeps up her goal and show that she was successful and accomplished her main goal. She very happily and excitedly stated, “I am not afraid to love, because I am in love.” Wendy you will have a very successful year and it will make a very good start to an amazing year.

As for my resolution, well I just to hope to have an amazing year and well work through being busy and maybe find a potential boyfriend who will support me. The way i can accomplish this is by having great communication and putting myself out there even though I could get hurt, but we all have to learn from heartbreaks in order to keep going forward. I really need to come out of my shell when talking to boys because I start rambling and just get a lot more confident in myself and be a fun, fearless female.

New Years love life resolutions are important because we are paving a way for a potentially beneficial year of adventures. We all have to have confidence and not be afraid to make the wrong choices before making the right ones that will lead us to a lot of life changing and memorable adventures.


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