Amber Alert


In these recent years there have been many lost kids, in which have still not been found. In this recent year we have received several Amber Alerts in which have warned us to look out and recognize to seek. The most recent case of an amber alert was seen on Saturday, March 15,2014. Four kids of the names of Enrique Junior-7 years old, Justin -5 years old, Veronica and Janet- 1 year old twins, they were abducted from the kids babysitter`s house where they got taken away by their parents. They were found near the border of Mexico and had been found on Tuesday March 18, 2014 morning.

It can be seen that the kids had been treated well when they were with their parents,showing that their parents really cared for them after. What has been currently done has caused them to actually have problems, in which if they had done it the right way then there wouldn’t had been any of the current charges and wouldn’t had to be restrained meaning they can never see their kids ever again.Amber Alerts have helped to find many missing people in which if it wasn’t for all their support who knows where, how, and what could have happened. These are some basic needs of having people look out for them. This has helped find missing people in places that they might had never thought they might have ended up. Technology has revolutionized, so might as well use it in a way that will help out.This will inform people easier to get the important news to spread.  

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