Teen dropout

According to the Department of Education the average rate of students that graduate high school in four years has increased significantly compared to the past years. 5.5% of hispanics dropout, 1.9% of Asian/ Pacific Islanders dropout, 2.3% of white students drop out and 6.7% of American Indians/Alaska natives drop out. The amount of students that drop out has significantly decreased throughout the years. Many of highschool students drop out for either two reasons, one is that they feel overwhelmed by the work demanded to students. The other reason is for personal reasons such as teen pregnancy, financial reasons, family problems or lack of motivation.

Personal Opinion:

Questions asked:

  1.  What is your opinion on teen dropout?
  2. Why do you think teens dropout at this age?
  3. Do you believ that these dropouts will increase or decrease over the years?

Student Questions:

  • I think it is stupid because why you are going to dropout of school if it helps you be successful in life. Teens dropout at this age because they stress out due to homework and have family problems. I believe they will stay the same because they are kids that do want to learn and others don’t but still attend school. – 10th grade Anonymous
  • I believe these kids are stupid because they have a bit more in school and why waste that time done. Teenagers turn to be lazy, and because of this they become bored and want to do easy stuff but also they lack motivation. The dropouts will increase because teachers will not care has much anymore. – 11th grade Anonymous
  • I believe there has to be a great reason to dropout, then it’s okay. But if there’s not a good reason to dropout, then don’t dropout.I believe people dropout for personal reasons, they get pregnant, or start working. I think the educational system will get more important over the years, so this will cause the dropout rates to decrease. – 9th grader Yadira Carillo
  • I think it is a dumb idea, depends on the situation of the person. I think they dropout because they get stressed out due to school and parents as well. It will increase due to all the testing in high school. Making students due more things that are putting more stress on us that one day the students will break. – 11th grade Anonymous
  • Sometimes people have too much stress on them already. Nobody corrects them and the students are out of focus at times and don’t set goals for themselves. I think they’ll increase because the education is low nd kids on their final year give up. – !2th grade Anonymous

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