Now that Prom has come and gone there are only a few senior events left for the APB class of 2014. The events that many seniors are anticipating are the carnival, senior ditch day, senior prank day, senior awards and most importantly grad nite following graduation. After all the events come and we graduate everyone will have the rest of their lives to look forward to. There are many people that are going far away to college and some people are planning to go to college close by. While some people are planning to going to college many are planning to work right after they graduate.

Many seniors are excited, some are nervous, and many are happy about graduating high school. Senior Brayan Leyva says that he is excited about graduating, yet scared about his future college experience along with his future job that he will have to work hard for. He isn’t too worried about not seeing his friends. “I don’t feel bad because I know that I will see my friends later on like at the park or going out to eat”, said Brayan Leyva. Christian Garcia also doesn’t mind that he might not see some people after he graduates for the same reason. “It feels like its happening so fast. I feel nervous”, said Christian Garcia. Therefore, seniors are relieved to finally graduate and go along with their scholarly lives.

Planning for the future can be challenging. Seniors are prepared by knowing what they want to do with their future careers. Brayan says, “After grad nite is over I want to relax and take a break for a while. I will go to community college, earn my AA degree, and later transfer out to a Cal State University”. His plan is like many other seniors. There are also other seniors who have totally different plans. Xzavyer Shoats said, “I am going to attend UCR where I plan to graduate as well. I am not sure about my major yet.” Whether going to college or not, everyone has a future to plan after they graduate.


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