Austim Awareness Month-April


Autism speak walk happens every year to help families with kids that have autism by funding enough money to help further their studies, and find a cure for it. This occurs  every year on April 26. This has gotten many of the families together and gathered up to inform us that autism is something serious, which should be seen and must get many informed about what is going on, and what autism is.


Autism can be found during childhood and diagnosed.Autism is a mental disorder,most people with autism are timid in their surroundings, this leads to them fearing everything around them. Due to this, autism stops them from communicating with others. Autism is something really serious and people should be educated on it.



1. In your family is there kids with autism?

* ”No, I dont think so.”- Zuleima Carrillo, Junior

*”No, but mom`s friend has autism.”- Dajanae Johnson, Senior



2. Do you know what autism means?

*”Now I do, heard of it in the autism thingy.”- Zuleima Carrillo,Junior

*”In my opinion its like a disease where they can’t control themselves being hyper.”- Dajanae Johnson, Senior



3. What is your opinion on autism?

*”I think its sad and hopefully they find a cure.”- Zuleima Carrillo, Junior

*”Really sad that people judge people with it.”- Dajanae Johnson, Senior



4.Do you believe there is a cure for autism?

*”No but hopefully at some point because everything has a cure.”- Zuleima Carrillo, Junior

*”Not really because some are born with it and don’t have a cure, but now they can take counseling to like have a therapy to  have someone to talk about it.”-Dajanae Johnson, Senior


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