Is your city prepared?

Earthquakes not only cause serious damage to buildings, but also to peoples lives. As many scientist have predicted the time for the huge earthquake is soon to arrive. The thing is, are we well prepared for the time in which this happens? The time has come to change our houses structure to make it more secure in case when the huge earthquake strikes Los Angeles. Earthquakes cause buildings to collapse and in some cases people get injured leading to death; therefore, we need to change this situation by securing the building structures.

In many places the owners are required to have access to an engineer or architect. The article states, “the owners of more than 6,000 buildings were asked a year ago to have an architect or engineer fill out a basic screening form about the property. The deadline was Sept. 15 and 90% of owners complied.”( LA has a lot of catch up to do in making buildings earthquake-safe). In order for the City of Los Angeles to know  the amount of securement a building has, Mayor Eric Garcetti has an idea of issuing a letter grade system in which allows the community to view and know how safe the building is.

Many cities have been making this same advancement towards their communities buildings; therefore, it’s time for our City of Los Angeles to take measure on making sure we are also ready for this situation.


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