Cyber Bullying on First Daughters

President Barack Obama gave a speech in which both his daughters Malia and Sasha Obama attended. The First Daughters were mentioned on social media with the remarks and offensive comments, Elizabeth Lauten was specifying about them. The comments being said were that they should have a little class and should dress with a little more dignity. She said that they looked like if they were going to a bar. Facebook comments exploded with the remarks said by Lauten about the First Daughters. The whole shock about this situation was that congress knew you can’t address or say anything about the presidents children; Or nearly blame children in general. Its not the children to blame for what their parents have done.

When trying to see what people thought about the remarks being said from Elizabeth Lauten, we interviewed Ms. Ramirez a substitute at Animo Pat Brown and  Mr. Johnson security from Animo Pat Brown. Their opinions can be said to be similar, because they both believed that it was unprofessional and inappropriate actions that she had committed. When asked what their opinions towards the congress woman stated about the First Daughters, Ms. Ramirez said ,“I think it was unprofessional of her because she works on the white house. Its disrespectful that was publicized on social media”. As well we asked Mr. Johnson and his response was that, “ It is inappropriate when adults attack children, kind of seems to me that shes is racist”. The interviewers view towards the remarks made by Elizabeth Lauten, Ms. Ramirez said, “ There girls are teenagers they did not have a choice but go along with it. How were they suppose to react, their father was saying corny jokes, they are teenagers; girls have no blame towards since didnt have to dress up since it was home”.Furthermore, Mr. Johnson said, “ Doesn’t matter what’s going on in the White House you can dress however you like because  we are in the land of the free”. Obviously both disagree with the remarks that was said by Elizabeth Lauten, it was not only disrespectful and inappropriate and Lauten should’ve, “address the parents not the children” says, Mr. Johnson. Both also came to the conclusion that such attitude could of came due to the fact of  difference in political parties and that these stunts are being said in order to attack Obama.

Therefore, there is no good reason why you should attack children especially if their the children of the president. This is because they have nothing to do with the conflicts going on in the world. It just happens to be that their father is the president of the United States. You don’t ever bring children to a matter in which they don’t belong.


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