NBA 2k16

by Esteban Gomez

NBA 2k16 was released September 29, 2015 and it has already sold 4 million copies. The new features on “ My Career” has revolutionized NBA 2k games. From playing in high school and being viewed by scouts, to getting drafted by colleges like UCLA, to signing your own personal agent, to playing as a rookie in the NBA, and to becoming a legend.    1430-nba2k16_bg_5.0.0.jpg (1600×900)


The new theatrical story mode produced by Spike Lee is very entertaining if you’re into cut scenes, but at times the cut scenes just never end. One of the great features is that you can skip cutscenes and view the whole movie later, and by viewing/skipping the cutscenes achievement/trophies are awarded to users. The character that Spike Lee created for my career mode which is your player is named “Frequency Vibrations” or Freq for short.


The new MyPark animations are pretty entertaining such as the Nae Nae and The Carlton and othermaxresdefault.jpg (1280×720) dance trends. Users can get their friends and form squads and visit different parks to play basketball games with their players. Users can customize their players or get their faces scanned in. The my players stats are at 55 overall, so users are forced to either grind in my career or buy Virtual Currency (VC) to upgrade their players. My park is still fun and the new fixes on MyPlayer are helpful. Previous years like in 2k15, centers had the handles of PGs which was pretty irritating in MyPark. This year 2k fixed this issue. I recommend making a PG or a Center because their stats offensively this year are a little overpowered. My parks still is addicting for users. Different parks have different courts. For example, my park (The Ballers Park) has a court for 4s while another park has a court to play 21.


The game play this year is actually very different. Users who have knowledge of basketball in general have an advantage. In previous years, I found myself doing some easy crossovers and spins to get away from the defending AIs. This year I frequently call for a pick and roll to get away from the defenders and use the coaching option more often. I also noticed that contested shots are more realistic. The defense AI and defense throughout the game modes have drastically improved. So say goodbye to your posterizers and easy finishes at the rim. The game is harder for users who are clueless about basketball. The game graphics are far the best compared to other NBA 2k games.

New Features

I enjoy the new classic teams that 2k sports added that include the 2008 Boston Celtics, 2013 Miami Heat,  2001 Lakers, 2004 Pistons, 2000 Raptors, 2008 Rockets, 2003 Mavericks, 2000 Trail Blazers, 2005 Phoenix Suns, 2006 Miami Heat, 2007 Cavs, and 2004 Timberwolves. The game does include up to date rosters so users can play as Towns, Russell, and Okafor. New features like my court,
allows users to customize, shoot around, and play 1v1 games with their friends on their courts. I personally invest all my earned VC into my players stats, but other players use their VC to buy the newest Jordans and other clothing for their players and buy court floorings, backboards, chain nets, etc for their courts which is a pretty awesome feature if you play with friends. The new 2k Pro-AM allows users to play and customized their own teams and play NBA games online using their “My Player”, but this feature has no ranking system in it. I rate this game at a 7.5/10 because it really has changed 2k in many ways.


One negative of the new MyCareer mode is that users are boxed into Freq’s background story instead of creating their own stories like in previous 2k games. When playing online, the servers at times are lagging, so the shooting meter is slow, and it messes up the timing which means a missed shot. Another thing is that  some users are using glitches to upgrade their players.

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