Hallmark’s Made Up Holiday

By Leslie Reyes-Sanchez


Valentine’s day is the one day a year where the streets are covered with pink/red hearts, baby cupids, and flowers with heart filled messages. It is believed to be the day of romance.

While some believe that this is a holiday to be celebrated many argue that it should remain nameless.


This is a holiday that is called “stupid” because it is encouraging people to love their partner for one day out of the year and neglect them the rest of it.

It’s a holiday created by card companies to preserve the illusion of a delusional partnership meant to work out for generations.

Every 14th of February America spends billions on phony gifts to express their love towards their significant other, coworker, family, etc.

If the feeling is genuine gifts should not be mandatory. Although, it is a made up holiday it has its perks on February 15 all Valentine’s day products/ gifts are half off.

Before Valentine’s day drug stores will sell you a stuffed animal for 20- 80 dollars, but after this day you can usually get one for 5-20 dollars. It is absolutely insane that your love towards another person is measured by how much you are willing to spend.
In my opinion, this holiday was just invented to get money from people and make others feel bad if they can’t keep up with this “Valentine’s day tradition”.

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