The New $20 Bill

By Michelle Gomez, Marielis Aguiar

The new image of the twenty dollar bill will soon be replaced by Harriet Tubman. Andrew Jackson will no longer be the face of the twenty bill. Instead he is going to  be moved to the back of the bill along with an image of the White House.

Not only will the face of the twenty dollar bill change but also the ten and five dollar bill. The first Treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton will still be on the ten dollar bill but the back of the bill will have an image of the Treasury building which includes leaders of the suffrage movement that took place in the United States.

The current $20 dollar bill of president Andrew Jackson.

Furthermore, the back of the five dollar bill will include Marian Anderson an opera singer Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr.

By 2020 the three different bills will be completed and also the 100th anniversary since the 19th amendment was passed giving women the right to vote.

The secretary of treasury’s  initial plan was to change only the 10 dollar bill. The department intended to put a woman on the 10 bill by 2020. The secretary said that Hamilton would share the bill with a woman or the Treasury would release two different bills. However, his plan was not completely agreed on. The people who disagreed said that the woman should be by herself on a bill instead of being with another man next to her. Others said that the 20 dollar bill should be changed instead of the 10 dollar bill because it is higher in value. Others denied the plan because of the historical figures such as Hamilton and Jackson.

When deciding which women should be replaced by Jackson, Harriet Tubman an abolitionist came in first, followed by Eleanor Roosevelt ,Rosa Parks ,and Wilma Mankiller.

The fact that the new 20 dollar bill will change from president Jackson to Harriet Tubman is a good idea because not only men will be represented in the dollar bill but also women. In today’s society, women are getting more equality and getting a women in the 20 dollar bill brings women a step closer. There are also many notable women who fought in the women’s  right movement.

However, other historic people also deserve to be on the new dollar bill such as Cesar Chavez and other leaders from different ethnic backgrounds who also contributed to make the United States a country that guarantees equality and freedom.

Some people may argue that the 20 dollar bill shouldn’t be changed  because Andrew Jackson is an important historical figure in US history. However, there are many people throughout history who have fought and even died to make the United States a better place for everyone. These people should also be represented in American history and by having different historical figures who made this country great, Americans are a step closer to achieve equality. In addition, the current bills represent figures from the early years and not from the years later on. Many amazing things have happened after these presidents died that changed the country for the better.

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