Who doesn’t love Chili Cheese Fries?

Tam’s vs Bobo’s Chili Cheese Fries

Talk about those perfectly seasoned fries, topped with scrumptious meat and not only that but also with melted american and cheddar cheese. What do you think of? Automatically I think of Tam’s chili cheese fries. But then there’s also Bobo’s. But which one is best?
tams chili cheese fries

Bobo’s chili cheese fries have good fries and both type of cheeses the only thing it lacks is the flavor in their meat. The fries are good, themselves. The only thing that is sucky is the meat. Meanwhile, Tam’s chili cheese fries have bomb fries with this chili meat that your taste buds enjoy and this melted hot stringy cheese that is chewy and filled with flavor.
Most people may prefer Bobos chili fries. But most americans differ, like me. Rated the best chili cheese fries by me compared to Bobo’s chili cheese fries. they have these different types of explosion of flavors. Something I personally dislike because your taste buds are confused as to what flavor it’s trying to focus on.
Try them out for yourself, maybe you’d concur with me.

bobos chili cheese fries

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