Thoughts On Hillary Clinton

By: Miriam G and Estefania H

Thoughts on Hillary Clinton

  1. What are things you’ve heard of her ?
  2. Do you think she’d be a good president ?
  3. What do you think about her ?
  4. Do you think she’s ready to take the place of the president ?
  5. Do you think she has a chance of winning against Donald Trump ?


She’s involved with politics

“Mastermind behind Bill Clinton’s presidency”

She’s a deceiver, she has changed her political views, changed her views on LGBT

No she wouldn’t be a good president

“She’s been lying since the beginning”

Did something wrong against Bernie Sanders

“I don’t think she’s ready at all”

She’s never going to have the patience or courage

Yeah she has a chance of winning against Donald Trump


I’ve heard of her professional background and that she’s the democratic nominee.

People have very strong views towards her.

“ I think she would be good at her job”

Yea she would be a good president.

“I think she’s the best worst option”

She’s very qualified and skilled

Worries that she will do things to benefit herself.

Nancy Reyes (11th)

She’s not fit enough to be president

She’s a liar

Her plans will not work

Maybe, she has experience in office

“She’s alright, it’ll be cool to have a girl president.”

Yes because Donald Trump has a lot of haters

Oscar Chavez (12th)

She doesn’t have the stamina to be president

Yes because she will have people advising her just like Obama did and she can’t do much without approval

She’s polite during debates; she’s responsible

She takes her issues into a deeper thought

Yes because she has been a senator and a lawyer and she was secretary of state

Yes because she has a clear plan on what she wants to do and Trump just has opinions

With the elections just around the corner, we ask people what their thoughts on the nominees are. Specifically Hillary Clinton, there are many different thoughts that people here at APB told us about. We began by asking teachers and staff their opinion on Hillary Clinton and how capable they think she is to be president. Then we asked the same questions to students of APB to get their point of view on Hillary Clinton. As expected there are very different opinions on the Democratic nominee for presidency.  

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