Hamilton Mixtape Review

By: Priscilla Hernandez

Hamilton, the historical musical that captured the attention of many, has expanded its frontiers. Lin-Manuel Miranda hinted at the arrival of the mixtape all year; on December 2nd the album was finally released. The mixtape features twenty-three songs. Many are recorded by famous artists, such as Sia, Wiz Khalifa, Alicia Keys, and more, as well as, Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.

Although some of the songs, like “Burn”, “Wait for it”, and “You’ll be Back”, are direct covers of the songs from the Hamilton soundtrack, others, like “Immigrants”, “My Shot”, and “Wrote My Way Out”, are original songs. The original songs take a phrase or a concept from the musical and change it into something new. The direct covers are changed as well. In many of them, the rhythm is changed. For example, “History Has It’s Eyes on You” was changed to jazz and “Wait for It” incorporated Latino beats.

In this tumultuous time, this mixtape is an anthem of those oppressed. The mixtape addresses immigration and the struggle of the low income class. All in all, the mixtape is an amazing collaboration of music. Because of its variety in music style, I would recommend it to anyone.


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