Where Is Spring Break?

Where is Spring Break?


It’s the beginning of second semester and everyone is already done with school, the teachers can see it and the students feel it. There is no energy or motivation to do any work and grades are beginning to drop. While the teachers try to encourage their students to end the school year strong many students just don’t want to deal with anymore work and at this point only have one thing on their minds: Spring Break. The thought of waking up late, sleeping late, relaxing, warm weather, no work and freedom gets the best of many students. This time of the year is always such a hassle for students because there is so much to do but very little energy to do so. In order for people to know exactly how the students are feeling I went around asking peers how exactly are they feeling towards school right now and if the teachers can do anything to help the situation.

Sophomore Jessica Garcia says that what she is most looking forward to in spring break is, “taking a break from school and having time for myself,” when I asked her how she feels towards school right now she says, “I’m really lazy because I’ve been in school for a long time and everyday is the same”. Senior Priscilla Hernandez has similar views to Jessica Garcia despite the difference in grade levels. She says that she’s most looking forward to “ a break from school and not having to do classwork” and that she too is “tired of school” that right now she has “mass procrastination”. When I asked about motivation and if there is anything the teachers can do she stated that the “ teachers can’t do anything, it has to come from me, I have to find the motivation and as a senior I’m going to know if I’m accepted to my colleges before Spring break and that is what will motivate me”.  Personally I can relate to both peers, I too am tired of school and the repetition it brings but I know that college acceptances and a time to reflect will motivate me to do my best.

In all students are just tired of school right now they want the freedom of Spring break to come already. Their lack of motivation at this point is not really something the teachers can control its something they have to find for themselves. Like when any major break is coming all students are thinking about is that break and this time it’s no different. Even if this sounds ridiculous, the only thing we can do is wait and hope students get back on track after the break because it doesn’t see like it’s going to happen anytime before.

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