Muslim Banned

Many Muslims coming to America for a better life cannot enter. Donald Trump has signed this executive order to not let any refugees or Muslims  into the US. There has been many issues with people coming to the US and it is seen in the airport where families are suffering the ban. There has been many protest to let Muslims in and many immigrants being held. They called it “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry in the US”, many Muslim families are being affected.


Should we be concerned?


We as Americans we should do something about this and help these families. If we don’t do anything now it can affect other Mexican and African families later on. Mr. Griffin says,”Yes, we should be concerned it was an action that was taken without forethought.”He believes that trump took a decision without thinking the consequences or effects. Many people are afraid of this new law and many others are at risk of being deported. He states that we should be against this policy because they are looking forward the motivations for why it occurred and until we know more about that I am personally against it. The best we can do is to be sure that we’re reading accurate news and make sure that our voices are being heard by our local council members,state government,state senators etc. Our representatives it is their duty is to represent us and they must do what the people believe it is the right thing to do. This can lead to dangerous consequences where everyone would be affected differently.


Ms. Yokota

As a result, the Muslim families are suffering the consequences and they are in this bad situation on their own since not much is being done but protesting until now nothing has happened to help these families and we should do more. Ms. Yokota says,”I’m against it, everyone should have the right to travel wherever they want to go.”She believes that it is an ineffective way to protect citizens or to limit terrorism. Many others will be affected and there is many different ways to make changes but it requires more than one way. She appreciates the amount of people protesting and writing to the politicians to put pressure on the president to stop this. As citizens we should support any organization against this and have enough political power to end this.It also requires people to have an open perspective to people that are different from ourselves so that things like racism and xenophobia don’t lead to politicians take advantage of this to make people afraid and make new laws like this.

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