SnapChat Copycats

 By: Ary Perez

Social media is always evolving and adapting to suit the needs of the user, but other social media aspects are basically stolen from one app to the other. The most notorious culprits of this would have to be Facebook and Instagram robbing Snapchat from its 24-hour life span. The idea of having a story that only has a 24-hour lifespan belongs to Snapchat, a new social media app that immediately became popular with younger audiences since they just love to show every bit of their lives. Although many people like snapchat, when other apps starting to copy it,it gets annoying after. With Facebook Messenger’s new update now you can put story just like snapchat. As well as Instagram did the same; it’s like having 3 separate snapchat accounts. Adding repetition to the world of social media and making it more or less attractive to other audiences. Instagram started copying snapchat, it first added feature where you could post a story and had to add text just like snapchat. When this happen, Instagram got a lot of hate and people were bothered by that fact that no app could be original. Later in year Facebook Messenger had added that same exact feature.

With this feature added to these apps it is like having snapchat everywhere. And if a person were to post on of three apps it would be repetitive. Why can’t the apps be unique and come up with their own special feature that makes them stand out. Just like Instagram that recently added a new feature where you can posted more than one picture at the same time. This has led to different funny memes that make it unique. If all the apps had there own unique feature, they wouldn’t have to copy others. The apps on their own are successful and with a their own special feature they would be even more successful. They should stop following and come up with their own ideas to make using their apps even better.

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