Drunk Driving

by: Ary Perez

As summer approaches and as young adults, we like to party and go out. But there is one thing to keep in mind while you are having a good time. Don’t Drink and Drive it is really important to not do this. You have probably many times but it does no harm to hear it one more time. Drunk Driving can ruin your life as well as the victim life. Approximately 290,000 people are injured in an drunk driving accident and about 10,265 people are killed. Each death and injury does not only impact the driver but the driver’s family and friends. Many people suffer when they lose a family member, it can a huge impact in their lives. Imagine you are drunk and decide to drive home but you crash on your way, let’s say you don’t die but the victim does, it brings great amount of pain to that family. Not only that but you will get an expensive fine and might even go to jail. Or other scenario where you die, your family will be the one’s who suffer and have to deal with everything. So drunk driving doesn’t have any positive outcomes.  

On average, every two of three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. You can change this statistic by not drinking and driving. If you do drink, always have a backup plan like a designated driver. Now in days you can order a uber or lyft. You might have a family member that could come pick you up like and cousin or older sibling. And if you are not drunk but let others who are drive, you should stop them you could save their life and save another person’s life. There are many ways to avoid a drunk driving crash. So the advice here is to not drink and drive, just do not do it. There are many things could go wrong just avoid it as much as possible, it is the correct choice to do.

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