End of Supernatural Season 12

By Porscha Outlaw

It all began with Mary Winchester’s death when she went to check on her son. Mary and her home was set on fire by an unknown figure, leaving her husband John Winchester to take care of their sons Dean and Sam, but John was not a good father. He would leave for days or even weeks at a time to hunt down what killed his wife, and leave his kids alone to fend for themselves.

Throughout these 12 seasons, Dean and Sam dealt with the pain of everyone around them dieing, having to fight against so many supernatural beings, and have no one there for them when they needed it. They would often fight with each other for keeping secrets, but soon enough, they found themselves being the brothers they always were.

Season 12 was a rough time for the boys and those who followed along with their journey. They encountered the revival of someone very dear to them, but it seemed like with that, there was much more to fear. Fighting for their lives day after day became something they accepted, but then they also had to witness so many people close to them die, one after another.

Watching this entire season was very frustrating because the things you never expected to happen, happened. In the end, you had to accept that once again, those who have died are, for once, not coming back. Not only that, but it was disappointing to see the ending of some of these characters who had been on the show for years. Their deaths, were overshadowed by other characters coming back, and the introduction of a new character.

Essentially, season 12 of Supernatural was heartbreaking, it was frustrating, it was thrilling, but overall, it was amazing to see the progression of these people over the time that they worked on the show. However, it will always be heartbreaking to think of what these men endure on a daily basis. Luckily, we will not have to wait much longer considering season 13 will be aired in a few weeks, on October 12th. All in all, Supernatural will always take viewers on a winding road of emotions, and bring new possibilities you never would have thought of.

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