Gun Control

By: Karen Plascencia and Paola Rodriguez

28 killed in Newtown, Connecticut 2012,

14 killed and 22 injured in San Bernardino, California 2015,

49 killed in Orlando, Florida 2016.

This is only a small glimpse of the hundreds of mass shootings that have occurred in America.


Not to mention that America has recently experienced its worst mass shooting in history. It occurred on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada when Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured more than 500 during an outdoor concert.


Sadly enough, only one month later another shooting occurred on November 5, 2017 in Sutherland Spring, Texas, when a man killed 28 innocent people attending Sunday’s mass.


Although sad, these shootings won’t be the last massacres to occur in America, where guns are easily accessible. Due to recent events we went out and asked people their stance on gun control and what they believe Congress should do when it comes to gun control.


Every person has a different opinion when it comes to gun control, some are against guns completely, while others are strongly for guns and the “right” to obtain them.


Many of those who are against guns believe that they do more bad than good.


When asked her stance on gun control, ninth grade English teacher, Ms.Siemientkowski expressed, “ I don’t like guns at all, I think that there is not enough being done about guns. I don’t think anybody needs a gun, I wish nobody had guns… I am against guns, because I don’t believe they actually make you safer. I believe that guns let people make quick irrational decisions.”


Ms. Siemientkowskithen went on to say,  “Guns, I think, are absolutely terrifying. The fact that something that is theoretically not that big can so quickly end a person’s life just absolutely blows my mind.”


However others disagree that guns do any harm. While interviewing senior Alondra Gutierrez about guns and her thoughts on them she stated, “ I kind of like them[guns], they’re pretty cool… I don’t believe they are dangerous.”


Others such as freshman Cristina Ruiz believe that only police officers should have access to guns, because people tend to, “ Take advantage of that power of having a gun.”


Junior, Esmeralda Hernandez, said, “Yes and no, because the gun can be used as defense, but it can also be used to kill, so it depends who the person is and if they’re trustworthy.”

Due to all these recurring shootings some students have expressed their fear of going out into public spaces such as the movie theaters without being a victim of gun violence.


Junior, Shirley Zavala said, “ We’re afraid to go someplace and sometimes we can’t go [to] a place because our parents are concerned about us, this needs to be addressed.”


Many have looked towards congress to establish some form of strong gun control.


When asked what he believed congress should do in terms of guns, eleventh grade History teacher, Mr. Sandoval, expressed, “I think that there should be a ban on semi atomic weapons… I don’t think that it is okay for your average person to be able to get their hands on a gun that can potentially kill hundreds of people.”


When ask if she believed congress would take action on gun control, ninth grade English teacher, Ms.Siemientkowski, simply stated, “No, I don’t. What I wish they would do, is …just admit that they are not going to [take action].”


Guns don’t only affect one individual, no, they affect all of us all as a whole. If it were up to me I’d put many restrictions and regulations when it came to someone obtaining a firearm.


However, it isn’t up to me. I don’t believe that congress is going to do anything. While interviewing people, they often times mention the National Rifle Association and how they usually fund politicians. In my opinion this is one of the many reasons as to why gun control is often not enforced. I also think it is absurd how people constantly refer to the second amendment and their right to bear arms, as justification for obtaining firearms. The world was a different place when the constitution was created. We are now a modern society and shouldn’t need guns to make us feel safe or use them to seek validation. Too many innocent people have lost their lives due to gun violence and it is our job as a society to educate ourselves on the matter.


“We are a nation that is becoming more and more accepting towards this violence against others.”

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