With love from “Sh*thole” students

Dear Donald Trump,

Your comment on countries with an immigrant flow to the U.S was not only distasteful, but it really reveals your true colors. El Salvador, Haiti, and African nations- the countries you called “sh*tholes”- are anything but. There are actors, musicians, doctors, scientists, and so many more professionals that come from these “sh*thole countries.” There are students all over the U.S who are from these countries. I myself can trace my own bloodline to the “sh*thole country” of El Salvador, and I do it with pride. Like my own parents, so many people have immigrated to America for one reason: to live a better life. Whether the motivation be war and violence, education opportunities, job opportunities, or family connections, none of the immigrants that come to America come to cause trouble. But frankly, you’re too prejudiced to really take the time to see it.

Donald Trump, Source: Business Insider


As of 2015, according to a U.S census, approximately 56.6 million people in America are Latino and a good handful of us are Salvadoran and/or Haitian. Here in Los Angeles, there are thousands of us and thriving in the city. We are members of our community. Cops, teachers, entrepreneurs, workers in every field, parents, and students.

Map of Latin America, Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

As students, we all fight to live the lives and future our parents wanted for us- the future that was one of the reasons they left their homes to come to a country where they didn’t speak the language or know anyone. We know our parents’ struggles and see it everyday. And to have them be disrespected by the president calling our heritage and our countries – bound by blood and culture, if not by birth – “sh*tholes” that are filled with “criminals and rapists,” it is no wonder you’re being called racist and having protests against you.

A word of advice to you, Mr. President, if you are to work in a position of power that is supposed to benefit and support its country’s people, then respect all of its people, not just those who you deem to be better than everyone. Think before you speak or tweet.


A “sh*thole” Salvadoran student at APB

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