Please Don’t Be Mine On Valentine’s Day

By: Karen Plascencia, Paola Rodriguez, and Jasmine Minjarez


Anabel’s dreading the horrid day she knows awaits her. She’s always hated this stupid holiday, and as she gets closer to school, the idea of skipping school seems more and more appealing. Skipping school? Her mind races trying to come up with a plan. Maybe she could go out through the back gates? No, it would never work, she’d surely get caught. She slumps out her mother’s car, dragging her feet towards the entrance. Anabel reluctantly steps through the school doors and is met by the sight of flamboyant pink balloons obnoxiously scattered throughout the halls. Dozens of students walk around, parading their newly given gifts: ugly stuffed bears and trashy red roses. Ugh. She internally groans as she sees the cheesy smiles, along with cheap heart covered gift bags. It just had to be Valentine’s Day.

Although, Valentine’s Day is intended to show those you love how much you care about them, it’s all just a big scam. Throughout the years, the 14th of February has lost all its meaning — it has become a huge marketing ploy for large corporations. What other way is there to raise sales than by pressuring people into thinking they have to prove their love to others? Every year chocolate, flowers, cards, balloons, etc. fly off the shelves, there your typical Valentine’s gift. Companies and social media alike pressure people into the Valentine scam. One MUST pick out the perfect card, write the perfect words (which were probably stolen from Google), buy expensive ‘beautiful’ roses, and purchase overpriced chocolate. It’s sad how people are now pressured to do all these things and spend all this money only to ‘prove’ to your significant other how much you care for them.


Let’s also not forget that 80% of the time Valentine’s day gifts suck. They’re cheaply made, useless, and usually very expensive. We all know the classic gifts; a dozen roses, teddy bears, and boxes of chocolates. Sure these gifts are nice to receive, but is there any actual sentiment behind them? Was any thought put into them? Anyone can easily buy something from the CVS or even the dollar store and call it a Valentine gift, but giving someone something with thought is much harder, something most people aren’t willing to do.



Valentine’s Day has also been so commercialized that when we think of it, our mind automatically goes to couples and romance. However, people should stop assuming that Valentine’s Day is only for people in a relationship. Ones Valentine can be their friend, family member, or anyone else they care about.  But it’s come to the point where romance and gifts are all that matters. These gestures no longer come from the heart, but are things people are expected to do. Valentine’s Day has lost all its meaning. Overall, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the gifts given to one another but the way the day was spent, and how much love you feel when surrounded by those you care for.


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