Psychology Choice

Psychology Choice

By: Virginia G. & Veronica C.

Once you enter high school it is important for a students to decide what their major will be in college. It is a big decision to take that will impact your future life. One popular major to potentially go into is phycology. What is psychology? It is the study of the human mind and its functions. In other words, psychology focuses on the actions of people in their everyday life. Why should you become a physcologist? It should be one of your top choices because it is the fourth most popular major. The reason is because you can pursue different types of opportunities such as: therapy, assessment, counseling services and more. Depending on the career you are aiming for, it can take you 4-7 years. Becoming a psychologist will give you power since you can make a difference in someone’s life.

Weather you decide to become a phycologist or not, you should always think about the world. To add on, the mind can be a complex machine. Your duty is to make a change in the lives of others which is a massive responsibility. However, challenge yourself and choose psychology. Phycology is the correct choice for a better and happier life. Furthermore, you won’t be the only human that would feel  happy but also the people who surround you as well.

Psychologist study the human mind and behavior to help patients overcome emotional difficulties. Becoming a psychologist requires obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree. The path in becoming a psychologist requires you to first obtain your degree which teaches the fundamentals of psychology. Some psychologists work for schools or corporations; there are also those who own private property. According to the All Psychology School,  “In the U.S, the average making of a psychologist is $75,580 a year.

In a daily life of a psychologist, they evaluate patients for their mental, emotional, and behavioral disorder using communication.. They conduct scientific studies to the patient through a safe process in order to understand the human brain. Psychologists use techniques such as observations and experimentation to develop theories about feelings that influence a person’s action. Psychologist must be able to demonstrate patience, since it takes a long time treating patients. They must be patient when dealing with people who have mental or behavioral disorders.

If you want to make a change in this world the first step is to choose a career that will lead to physcology. It is important to have more phycologists that will be capable of helping all ages.