Child Abuse

By: Axlin Lucio and Kimberly Lua

Prevention and being aware is how we can all prevent child abuse. Child abuse is the act of a parent or guardian harming a minor either emotionally , harming them physically, and/or with neglection. Every year about 3 million cases of child abuse are reported, 17% physical, 75% neglection, and 8% sexual abuse. More than 70% of the children who are being abused or neglected were found to be under the age of two. Child abuse is a terrible epidemic that needs to be addressed. Every year 3.6 million referrals are made to protection services.


There can be times when you can’t probably tell when the people around you are being abused but it is always important to stay aware, some visual symptoms for physical abuse are bruises, blisters, and scratches. Of course they won’t let you know why they have those injures witch is another clue to look into. Alson changes in a child’s behavior, the way they interact with others. Aggression is a very common one as they portray to a image of the person who is harming them. Its is very important for us to be aware of these signs with our friends and family to help them out and give them a hand. Take into consideration how they talk about their close ones ask questions about their family. Child abuse can began with a simple hit or a uncomfortable touch. It can come from a parent or inclusive a relative. Most of the time it begins at home with family problems of any kind. Home becomes a unsafe place to be at and the victim has no other choice but to give into there perpetrador. Being inside a home where you have to face emotional abuse and domestic violence can cause a lot of trauma.


As much as the victim wants to stop the abuse there lack of knowledge of knowing there is help around and there self worth as a human prevents them from standing up and speaking upon the abuse.  Witch is why we need to help to prevent an incident like the one in Riverside C.A, were there was 13 siblings held captive and being tortured for years. Here are a couple of things you can do to help out a friend or a relative who is experiencing child abuse.


  1. Talking them throw it ask them how they are doing?
  2. Let them know there is help
  3. Letting a adult or a school staff know
  4. Lastly, offering them your understanding and compassion.

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