Searching for the Prom Dress

Just two month ahead of prom, different feelings are building up inside of me. I wonder if the girls in my grade are ready to stun everyone with their prom dresses because I know I am. Looking for the perfect dress can make you feel anxious and eager, because finding the perfect dress can be a struggle. During my search, I’ve discovered that the color of the dresses that are most likely to be seen the day of prom are burgundy, red, and silver. Personally, I’m undecided with the color of my dress. My biggest fear is having the exact same dress as another girl. On Tuesday, March the 6th, I went on my search to find a prom dress and I successfully found the one that portrays who I am.

This year, the theme for prom is going to be enchanted forest. When I think of an enchanted forest, what comes to my mind is the beauty of nature.

For the people who do not know me, I love glitter and I like being extra at times. Therefore, expect me to shine on the dance floor. To continue, the first place I went to look for my prom dress is the most known place which is Huntington park. At the beginning when I was at  Huntington Park, I got off the car with my friend Karina Orozco and we were walking around looking for prom dresses. Some dresses I saw were really nice, but most of them were expensive, which led me wondering whether it was worth buying $200 and above for a prom dress? I’ve asked some of the senior girls at school. Senior Teresa Vazquez said, “It is not worth buying a $200 dress for prom because there is more things you will want like your makeup,  nails and for that you need money.” I have the opposite opinion based on what Senior Teresa said. Everyone should know prom only comes once in life and therefore I believe it is worth buying an expensive dress.

As I was trying on dresses and looking at catalogs, the prices keep increasing if they had more diamonds/pearls. This was because dresses with diamonds and pearls stand out more than the plain dresses. There was this one dress that I tried on. The color was blue, it was long sleeved, and it looked really beautiful. However, once I tried it on it felt different because I was not feeling it. It was strange for me because I’m confident with my body, but this time I knew it was not the right prom dress for me. I kept searching for the prom dress and I went to many stores and some stores were closing already, so I felt pressured by my dad since he was inpatient.

Finally,  there was this dress that catch my attention. I’m not going to give details of how it looks for the people who are reading my story. If you want to know how it looks, you’ll have to wait until the day of prom. It was a fun experience looking for dresses with my friend and I am ready to shine.

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