By: Axlin lucio & Kimberly Lua

The Imposters is a Netflix series  where Maddie Jonson stars as a con-artist who marries her targets and then disappears with all of their cash in this sudsy funny drama. Maddie Jonson steals money and all their properties from rich easy get guys to then threaten them to not go running to the police by threatening them to share their biggest secrets. Maddie Jonson fakes different identities she changes her hair , voice, name , age and self imagine. Maddie works for ‘’The doctor’’ he finds the gigs and he gets all the money stolen from the targets if during the job Maddie or her other colleagues mess anything up that will make the doctor lose money that person would need to suffer consequences.

It all comes to end when Maddie ruins the life of former Jewish husband Ezra by taking his money and leaves a website video confessing her plan and noticing him of the secrets she knows and her being able to spread it if he tells the police. Ezra was left a sister with  a broken heart he quit his dad’s company job and tries to even kill himself until another chance knocks on his door. Maddie’s other husband who she also left stranded with nothing at hand. They both including a ex wife of hers they find on the journey on looking for her and getting there money come to realize and getting themselves into a lot of trouble. With a whole plot twist it’s a bowl of hot mess finding out why? How? Maddie becomes a different her for the money but little do they know about the ‘’Doctor’’.

This is one of the best drama Netflix show I have seen after many others. This show Imposters has a lot of androgen running thru the views waiting to see what will happen next. With funny moments leading to emotional moments this Netflix series is very groundbreaking. I loved it and I’m  currently very excited to watch season two knowing the unexpected will happen. Make sure too add this to your bucket list this show will leaving with something to desire.

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