“Destiny 2: Forsaken”; Why would you buy?

To those that have played, they know the complete and total letdown that Destiny 2’s launch was. It was a horrible, unrewarding, grindy mess. The games PvP, or the crucible, was filled with the same old weapons, and the meta never ever shifted thanks to a lack of random rolls, thus, a lack of competitive weapons. Nothing felt meaningful, and the voice direction and story telling felt very immature and rushed. Destiny 2 was at it’s lowest, and nobody really thought it could any lower…

Then the first expansion,Curse of Osiris, released, and arguably didn’t do much better. The story was rushed, questions were left unanswered, and players still wanted more. Even the games end game didn’t change much. However, the raid lair did receive some decent praise, including from myself. Eater of worlds was a much more casual raid experience compared to the Leviathan, but felt just as exhilarating and much more active. But overall, CoO just took a few steps forward, and many more back.

This was truly Destiny 2’s lowest point. The numbers were incredibly low. Content creators suffered and moved onto other games, then came May of 2018.

The second expansion, Warmind, came out and spoke of the story of the games incredibly smart AI called Rasputin. This expansion brought in new events, new gear, and a more balanced gun meta, but still fell a bit short, even if it did bring back much of the player base. Bungie had to do something, and fast.

Forsaken was shown at E3 2018. The hunter gambler, Cayde-6, almost everyone’s favorite character, was shown to be shot and killed by Prince Uldren, the queens brother. Very quickly, did this scene snowball every fan and their mothers back to the game. They’re playing not only for the hobby that the game was beginning to introduce again, but out of rage. So we waited for the 2 months for Forsaken, and it was well worth the wait.

Forsaken brought back random rolls. Two new destinations, the Dreaming city, and The Tangled Shore. New exotics, more bounties, new loot and gear. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be failing all my classes just to play this game more. It has been nearly two weeks since Forsaken has released, and the golden question still stands. “Should I buy it?”

Hell yes. I’m finding it amazing. Exotic actually matter now! Albeit, they are incredibly rare. The Ace Of Spades exotic actually feels like an exotic. The PvP ammo economy is mostly good, and bugs are minimal. The story is as great as it’s ever been, and so many weapons are viable, yet, we are still scratching the surface. The Dreaming City is a very dynamic place, with “the curse” getting stronger and stronger, whatever that means.

Verdict (Unbiased): Forsaken brings a fantastic breath of fresh air to the game. The community has never been better, and my time is actually respected. It is very much worth the money.


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