Why dress codes and uniforms?

Schools have uniforms because it represents the school in a way it also benefits parents because they dont waste as much money as they do when they  do not have uniforms. Schools also have uniforms to prevent people from dressing inappropriately.

Uniforms play a big role in schools. They help distinguish students and help understand what school they go to. For as long as I can remember uniforms have been used in schools and when it is permitted to wear free dress they have a strict dress code. That dress code mainly attacks girls and use ridiculous reduction to our freedom and expression. It prevents us from wearing what we want and how we chose to express ourselves as people.

The dress codes includes no ripped jeans, no tank tops,you can’t show your shoulders, your shorts have to be like basketball shorts, you can’t wear certain graphic tees. Why are these dress codes here? The school says it because we represent the school but, in reality they   think that wearing clothes will distract people.

The school by having these dress codes are practically telling us if you don’t have something similar to uniform then you should just wear your uniform. They are trying to get us all to be the same and be who they think we should be. The schools are trying to show us that the way we are is not ok they are telling us that we have to be a certain way to succeed and that is not ok.

However, uniforms do help schools when it comes to bullying because it helps reduce bullying. Some teenagers are cruel and so uniforms help that because it helps reduce bullying a lot. So people don’t judge and criticize other people when it comes to, what are you wearing?

When it comes to me picking whether we should have uniforms and dress codes i pick both. We should have uniforms because it benefits everyone in some sort of way. It also reduces bullying in school. However we should have moments in which we should wear what we want have have an opportunity to express ourselves.

How the our school does it gives us an opportunity to wear what we want and it also has uniforms to benefit us.

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