Abortion is immoral, and here´s why…

This is an image of two unborn fetus arms next to a U.S. dime, just to show really how small they are.


Considering the level of controversy surrounding this specific topic, I believe that it would be a good idea to provide some context.

I am 17. I am a mostly single child, with a single mother that is lesbian.

I’m a senior in high school. I’m not on the left, nor am I on the right, but merely on the blurred lines of moderation. I am religious, but it does not play a factor in my mind in this decision.

I am always up to further this discussion in a non-suppressive, civil, academic matter.  

I want to make something clear, however, before I delve into the nitty gritty. Most of these scenarios are under the context that the women getting the abortion was a teenager that knew what they were doing, and should face the consequences, or adults that also knew what they were doing, and should face the consequences. The adults especially should have no excuse. There are many factors and scenarios that blur the moral lines between good and bad, like rape, or human trafficking. So for clarity’s sake, the context under this will only contain the first two scenarios.

This is my opinion. There will be no trigger warnings about it being my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, may society never forget that.

At the start of this new progressive mindset, I was pro-choice.

Then I saw the hypocrisy surrounding the topic. I saw how the procedures went. I saw the usual women who always got abortions. I began to think more that it was wrong and unfair, and less that it was their precious little choice.  

No matter how one sees the value of the baby. No matter if they think it’s alive or dead, or sentient or not, if can be universally agreed that, dead or alive, the fetus has intrinsic value in that it has a future. This is universally agreed upon because we truly never know if the baby will be next president or the next school shooter. Studies are not enough to figure it a fetus’ future, nor will patterns. Even from the roughest of childhoods, laid diamonds. Even the most luxurious of lives, laid parasites.

The U.S. government even considers the unborn fetus as humans, thus, alive. The Unborn Babies of Violence Act states that fetuses have all inalienable human rights, no matter what. Thus, giving it inherit value. This basically makes it so that it is a crime to kill the baby, in say, something like a car accident. So if a pregnant mother gets in a car accident and both of them die, it would be considered a double homicide, and the other driver would go to jail for a minimum of 12 years without parole. So my question to this, why would the other driver get 4-6 years in prison for just killing the unborn baby in a car accident, while the mother can just get an abortion, and effectively do the same thing? It contradicts the logic completely, and thus, should have the mother go to jail too.

Not only that, but the doctors performing the abortions procedures would lose their medical license, as it goes against their Hippocratic Oath to never maliciously take a life with their own hands.

Many famous celebrities came out of rough childhoods, simply because their mothers turned their heads to abortion at the last minute. A few examples of these would be people like Justin Bieber and Steve Jobs. Their mothers were moments away from the room, till the shadow crept over to them, and they couldn’t take another step. Even till this day, they are grateful that their mothers let them burst into life.

However, there are arguments that try and make abortion seem ok. Such as the idea that the baby can’t feel any pain, (even if it’s been proven to feel pain), or that it has no intrinsic value, because it’s not sentient. These arguments try and make it seem justified for irresponsible women to use abortion as a form of contraceptive.

They fail to realize the ridiculousness of their logic when applied to the rest of society, though. It’s okay to kill the baby if it can’t feel pain or that it’s not sentient…so by that logic, it’s ok to kill off a person in a coma because they can’t feel pain, and technically aren’t sentient, right?

There are a lot of holes with this argument. With this topic in general. The entire mindset of the mother being able to say whether or not the baby has intrinsic value or not in order to justify killing it off is very, very immoral thinking. It is like trying to justify the same way of thinking that lead to the Holocaust, or even Armenian Genocide.

The hypocrisy of this entire argument is what turned me away from it to begin with; if it wasn’t already the details of the procedure that did, and often times, I’m just left wondering how people live with themselves after doing that. I ask the questions, and I speak up now, because I am not going to  be shut up by a pro-choice person, as they tell me that I can’t have a say because I’m not someone that can deal with unplanned pregnancies.

That’s true. I am a male. I can’t give birth. I wasn’t aborted, and my mother was responsible enough to have planned me. That argument just really digs itself in the idea that we should justify irresponsible women killing of their “unplanned” mistakes.

Yes, I’m sure they’re talking about rape babies, but why bother making an entire movement to help those who aren’t raped to kill off their own, and use the whole rape thing as a fuel cell for said movement? It’s all really slimy.

Now, rape, and any pregnancies associated is a very different topic and scenario, and like stated earlier, I will not connect any forced sex scenarios as a variable in my thinking.
I would hope that this gives people, not just men, the courage to open up. To open up, and ask questions. To speak their mind. To not be afraid of any suppression that awaits them, and have civil, calm, discussions.

If anyone would like to speak this topic further, my name is Joseph Zapata. I am 17, and a senior at APB. Please, if reading this made feel queasy, uneasy, or triggered you, come have a discussion with me.

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