Love doctor with more love advice

By: Erlin Alvarado, Angel Reyes

New Year, New Relationships!! The love doctors are here with new love advice. This time around we asked a lot of questions related to trust and how to deal with certain situations so here are our answers to those questions!!

  1. How to talk to your crush?- Anonymous senior

When trying to talk to your crush you should attempt to be straightforward and let it be known that you feel something for them. Try to come out your comfort zone and talk to them. Communication is key in establishing relationships.  

         2. How to have good communication in a relationship?- Axline Lucio

To have a good communication, in a relationship you have to be able to express how you feel at all times, even at the times when you feel nothing is going right.

        3. How to develop trust in a relationship?- Erlin Alvarado

Trust isn’t built instantly in a relationship so you will have to be patient. A good way to build trust in a fun way is to have inside jokes that you two only know. Another way is telling eachother things that most people don’t know about you like a pet peeve or a hobby. You can’t jump into a relationship expecting the trust to be super strong it is something built over time.

       4. Does there have to be a lot of trust for the relationship to be successful?- Angel Reyes

A healthy relationship is one that has a lot of trust but if you want your relationship to last long then yes there has to be a lot of trust. Having trust makes it easier to get along with your significant other since you aren’t always second guessing them and won’t have to worry about being cheated on.

      5. How do you not worry about your significant other’s exes?- Anonymous junior

You shouldn’t worry but if you are feeling a bit insecure about it that is okay and it’s totally normal. But you should talk with your partner about how you feel. Learning their history is important but don’t let what happened in the past define them for you it will only make it worse. You should just trust your partner and be happy you are with them now and not worry about those who may have had a history with them in the past.

      6. Is it acceptable to go through your significant others phone?- Jocelyn Carranza

It is not acceptable to go through your significant others phone because you’re invading their privacy. When being in a relationship you should trust your partner, the relationship should be built on trust. When contemplating between going through your partner’s phone, just think if you’d be comfortable with them going through your personal belongings.

     7. If you suspect your partner of cheating do you ask them directly?- Anonymous senior

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you the best thing you can do is to talk to them about your suspicion. You have to talk to them in a calm manner ready to listen to their response. Getting angry and arguing without listening to what your partner has to say, will not solve anything at all.

     8. If your partner has cheated on you, will they do it again?- Anonymous junior

If your partner has cheated on you, you should not be with that person anymore. When someone cheats on you, that relationship ends because the person who cheats starts a new bond with someone, terminating the current relationship.  

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