Valentines Day

By: David Lopez, Liliana Rodriguez

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. The one holiday that single people hate, and the holiday that couples created to make single people feel bad about themselves. Some people don’t like this day because it’s a reminder that they don’t have a significant other. When people see other people receive gifts it doesn’t make them feel acceptable. They feel left out and not part of it. While other people just don’t care and that day is any regular day.

11th grade U.S History teacher Mr. Sandoval and his thoughts of the day had stated, “I think that Valentine’s day is overly commercialized to make us buy things.” He feels that in this day the guys are obligated to give something to a girl. “It’s a gender role and expectation”.

The thought of Valentine’s Day approaching is getting or receiving something from a loved one which is basically the main reason that the day exists like how there are girls getting flowers and teddy bears. Many people have different views of the day, saying how it’s a way to get attention and that it shouldn’t be a big deal. In addition how it shouldn’t exist because they believe that people should show their love to their loved ones when they can and not just one day of the year. But then there’s that feeling of someone that gets something for you. There’s nothing like that feeling and that they appreciate you to buy you a gift that day.  

Love is in the air; it’s time to get all lovey dovey. It’s a day to receive and give love. We went around the school to find out what others think about this day. Mr. Gonzalez, the new security I guess you can say expressed the following, “It’s a delightful day because it gets people reunited”. He explained how in this day he goes out to eat and watch movies with his wife. Mr. Sandoval also says that, “It is not worthless in fact, it reminds us to show love.”On this day Sandoval shared that he will be cooking some steak and lobster with his wife.

Alvaro Moreno an APB student told us that he sees it as, “any regular day and not special”. He spends this day with his friends as any casual day. Alvaro said with enthusiasm that “I’m single as as pringle and ready to mingle”. So this the time to hit him up people. Last but not least remember to show love everyday not just during Valentine’s Day.

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