MCU Comes to an End, Pays off 11 Years Worth of Movies

By: Shirley Zavala and Jose Mendoza

Avengers Endgame marks the conclusion to an 11 year cinematic project that started way back in 2008. Most APB student were either just starting grade school or about to start when the first movie that started it all premiered. The first movie to kick off the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the first Iron Man Movie. This movie introduced the world to the character of Tony Stark, and began laying the groundwork for the next Avengers characters to begin their contribution to the MCU. This introduced fan favorite characters like Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk, and also new characters like Black Panther, Spider-man, Vision, and Captain Marvel. Most fans of the MCU universe had an idea of what Infinity War would be about. Since the Infinity War Saga is based upon the American comic book six-issue storyline of The Infinity Gauntlet, published by Marvel Comics throughout the year of 1991 by Jim Starlin.

As fans finished watching Infinity War we were left wondering what the fate of our favorite heros would be. With 50% of all life gone, how would the rest of the Avengers that survived be able to avenge the wrath against the main antagonist Thanos?

Fans had many predictions and conspiracy theories of Avengers Endgame, well as a huge MCU fan I (Shirley) bought my ticket about a month in advance. I got my tickets in the comfortable fully reclinable seating at the AMC Dine-in South Bay Galleria. The 3D tickets were pricey above 20 dollars, but it was worth having in advance tickets to just get there and order food. Arriving there, I took a before picture just to compare how I would end up after the movie. At the entrance there was already a ton of people waiting in line to scan our tickets in order to get in the theater and a even longer line to get food and snacks. Once entering the theater with our food, I felt so anxious and ready to see the three hour movie, which many people thought was too long. Personally, I did not think that was long enough, as many others can back me up on. But as soon as the previews ended, the familiar pictures of the heroes flashed on screen in the Marvel letters. As the movie ended, the only word I can use to describe the movie was beautiful. Then, I took a picture to compare before Endgame, and wow, was I a mess. I was impressed on how much the writers were able to fit into three hours. I spoke to friends who are as big of MCU fans as me about how they thought the movie went, and their reactions were just as priceless as mine. But of course just like any other movie, it had it’s minor critiques. Having a lot to put into just three hours of course there were plot holes. But I think it’s good to leave things for people’s own interpretations and to let them imagine what’d they’d like. As for a conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job at directing than the Russo brothers.


While Shirley went to the AMC theater, I (Jose) went to Edwards South Gate 20 & IMAX. The experience was one of a kind. The lines for concessions and to enter were extraordinarily long. People exiting could not stop talking about how great Endgame was, and that it was the best Marvel movie. My screening was set to begin at 6:15 PM, but I ended up arriving 15 minutes early in order to have time to buy snacks. After walking into the theater, I waited while the previews played for the movie to start. For some reason, I felt nervous to watch this film. It was 11 years worth of content leading up to this moment and I did not want to be disappointed. Finally the movie began and what followed were three of the most intense and exhilarating hours I had ever spent in a theater. The crowds cheered as this over a decade long story was finally conclusions and it was truly a one of a kind experience.

With this batch of movies finally complete, the fans are left wondering what comes next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well the next movie scheduled to release after Endgame is Spiderman Far from Home. Can Marvel studios top this epic conclusion to its first 22 movies? I guess we will have to wait to find out.


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