Alabama is taking a step backwards

The state of Alabama has very recently passed a bill stating that abortion is now completely banned within the state of Alabama even in cases of rape and incest (which happens a lot in Alabama), and that miscarriages can be considered a felony. Doctors that perform abortions can be sentenced up to 90 years, a far greater sentence than those that commit rape.

Alabama is completely absurd, and that’s coming from a pro-life moderate student.


I do however, want to clear up some stuff. I’m pretty sure that despite banning abortion, it doesn’t mean that doctors can’t, in the case where it’s the mother or the baby, commit to an abortion of some kind to save the life of the mother. There is a big difference in the health of the mother, and the life of the mother.

However, they are going about this the wrong way. Banning abortion is just taking the only safe approach to “pregnancy removal”, and will result in  women desperate enough to take on very dangerous ways to have an abortion, with terrible and unsafe methods, a notorious culprit being the use of antifreeze or coat hangers.  

They’re not great methods, but to some, they’ll be the only methods.

Even if we take a middle approach to this and change it to where only confirmed babies created out of acts of rape or incest are allowed for abortion, it’ll just skyrocket the amount of false accusations of men raping the woman, just because of the woman doesn’t want the baby anymore.

This basically exacerbates the idea of rape culture, and the concept of blaming with lies for your own benefit. It’s not because the women want to, but in a possible situation of one not being responsible enough to keep their legs closed, especially when they know that they can’t handle the burden of a baby, making the accusation of rape towards a male seems like their only solution. (Fun Fact: 58% of all abortions are because the woman is 1) not financially stable, 2) too irresponsible, 3) claim their lives will be changed too much. Only 1% are because of rape and incest). In a scary situation of realizing you’re pregnant, this can become a reality, almost like a dystopia. It’s either an accusation, a dilemma during labor, or 12 years in prison for the felony of murdering a child.

In the name of safety, abortion really needs to stay. It has become an expected solution that will cause unexpected changes if taken away from women one state a time. It’s much better for society to have early term abortions done by medically trained professionals that are willing, as they try to ensure the safety of the women, because whether it’s illegal or not, people are going to get them, and an incredibly harsh and negative incentive life a prison sentence will just truly start oppressing women. This is a huge step backwards.

I mean, this is Alabama we’re talking about…

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