Music that can Bring Back Memories You Wished You Had

By: Marilyn Lemus

Bedside Kites 2019 heartwarming album on Spotify, “Songs to Pass the Time,” consists of 6 songs that you wished didn’t end. Each song reminds you of experiences you have had or wished you had. Imagine yourself in an empty room, with rain falling down by your window, and the only form of light is that from your candle, reminiscing about the old times. The times where you didn’t have to worry about paying bills, the pressure of parents, school life, or trying to fit in. This album helps bring out the feeling of living carefree and live in a world where imagination runs wild.

The first song in the album is, “Cheap Wine.” When listening to this song it makes you feel as if you transported back in time to the 2000s where videos are seen in VCRs. The second song is, “Please Your Brain,” which can be taken into literal terms since this song brings peace to your mind. Driving into the sunset with your closest friends in your car, the cold air hitting your face while at the same time and being mesmerized by the sunset, and singing your favorite songs is how, “Please Your Brain,” fills your heart with joy.

The third song is, “Deep Brown Eyes,” and this song brings to mind your first love. The lyric, “And I won’t ever be happy with no one else’s company,” expresses the idea of how the only way one will be truly happy is if they are with the person they love, and I think that is beautiful. The main instrument being used in this song is the guitar, and you feel as if you are submerged into the strings and feel every note being played.

The fourth song is, “Memories of Opal,” and this song, in particular, conveys heartbreak through the calm low beats which sets a mood of sadness with a sense of relief and at the same time hoping that one day you find a love that will fill you with happiness again.

The fifth song is, “As Far As You Possibly Can,” which voices how hard it is to communicate with someone with whom you’ve made so many memories and are no longer a part of your life. The happy light beats on this song helps brush off that idea which brings an uplifting environment.

The final song of this album is, “If You Want,” and this song gives listeners a chance to admire the person they love and who they want to be with for the rest of their lives.

Through the rollercoaster of emotions this album makes you feel, albeit true or not, it will bring back memories you wished you had.


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