An Amazon Prime Original: “Invincible” – A new favorite


Promotional image for Invincible

Promotional image for Invincible


By Christian Arellano

Picture it – a world of heroes, villains, traitors, filled with so much violence, twist and surprises. “Invincible” is, an animated TV show produced by Maude Lewis and written by Robert Kurtman. Amazon Prime having its own set of movies and shows, “Invincible” is what really caught my eye.

Mark Grayson is a high school student who thought his life was nothing but normal and nothing like his fathers, Omni-Man, who is the greatest and most powerful hero on Earth. It wasn’t until he realized that his life was going to change forever, first discovering his powers and also learning what it meant to be a hero. However, it wasn’t just his powers he discovered but also that his father’s objective was not protecting and saving lives as he thought.

With “Invincible” having so many great moments, such as Omni-Man showing his true colors especially in the final episode which left me speechless; others moments too like Mark trying to save civilians, his battles, and his normal life.  So much suspense and stakes because what the start introduces the audience to. The feeling of each episode from the beginning was already enough to keep me going.

Before watching, I was already a fan of superheroes: Spider-Man, Batman, Flash. Since the pandemic I really explored a lot more new characters, each having their own shows, games, and movies. With shows however, I never really found one that guaranteed me to keep going or catch my full attention.

When comparing this to other new animated hero shows like “What If?” or even classics like “Batman Beyond”, the clear winner is “Invincible” by miles. In fact I even tried some shows that were a hit for other people like “Avengers Earth’s Mightiest”, also live action shows like “WandaVision” but for me it was just a huge miss and not a hit.

So thanks to this show that I will forever hold as my favorite, I now know there are some good superhero shows. I cannot wait until season 2 is announced and arrives, until then I will try to find more shows that can get my full attention just like “Invincible”, if any.

For those who have caught up and want to continue the story, then go ahead and read the comics that should keep you entertained for a while until it has been animated.