Lakers Vs Clippers: Who owns the pacific division ?

The NBA season has just begun and the arguments have continued whether the Lakers or Clippers will be the better team this season. The Clippers have suddenly risen as a threat these last couple of years in the Western Conference. The Clippers appear to be the more dominant team while the Lakers are now a bit more sluggish as many of their players have gotten older. Many NBA analysts have begun to say that the time for the Lakers to rebuild and start from scratch is now.

The Lakers have faced off against the Clippers just once this season in what was the season opener for both teams. The Lakers surprisingly beat the Clippers as the Lakers bench had a dominant game. The Clippers are off to a better start then the Lakers are. The Lakers are being doubted about there ability with analysts saying they will end up in the lottery for a draft pick. That is being said because the Lakers don’t have big names on their bench as the Clippers do.

The team that appears to be better overall is the Clippers. Not only are they way younger than the Lakers but they also have more bench depth than the Lakers do. The clippers are being called one of the top teams in the west while the Lakers are being predicted to missing the playoffs. Thus far the Lakers are off too a bad start while the Clippers are doing as they were expected to do. The season is young and what will happen throughout the season has yet to be determined.

The Clippers appear to have the better team from the two all around. Not only is there bench better and younger. They appear to be better at each position. The one position the Lakers are better is the shooting guard which is played by Kobe Bryant. The Clippers have a better starting five than the Lakers who don’t have a consistent starting 5.



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