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Volleyball Team Seniors Say Goodbye

Tony Perez
The team celebrating the end of their volleyball season.

With the season coming to an end, the pressure was on when having to play a home game for the very last time. Not only did the seniors and coaches feel the tension in the room, but so did their families and friends attending. 

 The seniors knew they couldn’t end their last home game with a disappointing loss. Fortunately for them luck was on their side, with a score of 3-2 ending the season with a great last home game. 

With a player injury (stomach) stopping the game for ten minutes or so. Having almost forfeited, the player was checked up and was fine to say the least. The game continued and the crowd cheered for their team. 

The team, for the first time in what felt like forever, were blowing away their opponents. With many back to back serves by Edna Valasque number 3,  the opposing team struggling to keep up with those powerful serves left the audience in amazement. The room filled with cheer of those plays, keeping the ball high for as long as possible left the audience itching for excitement in which side would drop the ball. 

The team pulled through and won their last home game. Cheers and laughter filled the room when the final point was given. Everyone rushed in excitement and joy to their families and their team members. 

The team was feeling good after the game. They had high hopes for their last away game of the season. They were excited and determined to end the season with two back to back wins. 

The ending season had the team in tears on both games. Although many of them will be playing the following season, their “older sisters” will be leaving the team but will leave their legacy for the upcoming seniors.

 “We started the season strong and we ended the season strong” said Team captain Makensie Archila, “I believe that we gave it our best both as a team and as individuals. One thing I noticed this season is how the team bonded more this season than the previous season ” she said when being asked to compare both seasons. “One thing I have for the upcoming players is having the right mindset. You could have all the skills, but if the right mindset isn’t there then you won’t see change.” 

The team applied that mindset to their last away game of the season. They communicated more and had more spikes. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, focusing on the plays the team felt pressure. That soon left when they saw the score, being 3-0, they celebrated and let out the loudest cheer in the gym. 

“Volleyball is a fun game. I enjoyed it very much” Coach Cruz said, ending the game. The ride home was emotional for the team and the coach. Coach Cruz gave an emotional speech. “I’m really proud of you guys, you guys made it far,” Cruz said. 

“One thing I wish to let the seniors know… they have played a big role in motivating me to play better” said Amy Zavala, number 13 “The last game was very emotional for me since I know that it is going to be the last game I will be playing with the seniors” she added during an interview describing how she felt finishing off the season. 

Knowing they won’t be able to play another season with their seniors, it was a emotional game for them. They won’t have their captain Makensie to guide them in games. They won’t have their powerful server Edna blowing away the competition. They won’t have their outstanding players Amy, Tereza, Sherlyn, and Mia, but their legacy will stay with the team for years to come. 

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