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Dress Code and the Effect on Students: Should We Keep it?

Schools require uniform for multiple reasons. Some of the reasons can be to increase school pride, help identify intruders and many more other reasons. At APB we are required to wear uniform and, by the looks of it, it seems most students don’t like wearing it. At times students don’t wear uniform and are sent to the office to call home. We think if APB wasn’t so strict with uniform, less students would get sent to the office.

Students being the only ones forced to wear uniform honestly isn’t fair. We see some teachers wearing sandals, hats, colored shirts and colored bottoms. I honestly think if students are forced to wear uniform then teachers and staff should also have a strict dress code policy. If APB doesn’t want to make uniform optional then they should at least be less strict on uniform. For example, APB shouldnt dress code students for wearing a solid black shirt with no collar.

Students at APB should be allowed to have the option to wear free dress. There are many students who are currently unhappy with the fact that they aren’t able to express themselves in the way that they would like. Having strict dress codes that also don’t affect the students ability to learn is also very unreasonable, especially when students may not even have uniforms available at all times. 

Uniforms can sometimes be very irritating for students to wear, they might find them uncomfortable due to the material which could be distracting for them, and could ultimately end up affecting their academic performance in school. Not to mention, that uniforms can sometimes even be pricey for students. They might not have enough money to afford uniforms for every day of the week or have uniforms prepared at all times.

At APB, uniform shirts must be a solid black, white, gray or navy blue collared shirt. Shirts can also be an APB or college shirt. Bottoms must be khaki or black, which sucks because in 2021 APB used to allow students to wear denim jeans and took it away from students within months. Outerwear must be solid black or must have an APB or college logo. Accessories must be tan, brown or black and hats are not allowed. Shoes could be any color as long as they are closed toe and heel.

On Fridays students are “rewarded” with free dress if they have perfect attendance, no tardies and no absences, but we have a dress code. Free dress excuses you from wearing uniform; Shirts can be any color as long as they don’t reveal shoulders, cleavage, or stomach. Bottoms can also be any color, but must be fingertip length, not have rips and cannot be athletic wear. Shoes on free dress days are still applied but crocs are allowed. Outerwear and accessories may be any color. Honestly we think it’s still like uniform but you get the option to wear different colors, which defeats the purpose.

We think uniforms should be optional for students. Some students might find it better to wear uniform because they find it too bothersome to have to pick out clothes for every single day, while others might feel insecure about what they wear to school. At the same time, schools should give students the chance to be able to express themselves in what they wear. They might find uniforms uncomfortable or not have uniforms readily available at all times. I think it would be better to give students the option of wearing uniforms, or at least give them more freedom and choices with what they wear.  

Students should not be required to wear uniform or be forced to. Schools that have students to wear uniforms are not letting the students express themselves and show their creative sides. For example, students might feel like they are not able to show who they are or how they feel. Also not everyone can afford the price of uniform because sometimes uniform can be a bit pricey. The price of a regular uniform shirt is around 15 dollars at APB. 

Honestly, uniform saves time on planning outfits, but on other days uniform should be optional. It’s not fair how we have to arrive to school and to class on time just to receive free dress. For example, in the morning on the way to school, there’s traffic. We cannot control time nor traffic, therefore, it’s not our fault that we’re late to school. Aside from attendance, some students don’t have either the time or money to wash clothes, so at times students come in black t-shirts instead of polos. Then the students are the ones getting dress coded, when honestly they’re not at fault. Uniforms should be optional.

APB should make uniform optional. If our free dress code is as strict as uniform then might as well let us wear free dress every day with the same code. If APB does not want to give us that, then We think they should make staff and teachers have the same exact dress code that us students have. Uniform can be too much at times, then the school gets mad at us for not wearing uniform.

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