Obama’s latte salute to Marines. Is our media protecting our president from his wrong doings and flaws?

When Obama stepped off a Marine One helicopter in New York for meetings at the United Nations he saluted marines with a latte in his hands. His salute to the marines was seen as rude and unprofessional by citizens of the U.S. This unprofessional gesture was not really aired on the news because they do not want people to see the mistakes of a president.This salute was a tradition that was started by President Reagan back in 1981 to service members.


An article on ABC news backed up and supported his rude salute. By stating that its ¨While it is protocol for U.S. service members in uniform to salute the commander in chief, it’s not required for a civilian president to salute back, military experts say¨(Dwyer,President Obama Gesture to Marines Dubbed ‘Latte Salute’).This shows that the writer from this story is trying to support the president and not show his flaws that will bring up questions about the President. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/09/president-obama-gesture-to-marines-dubbed-latte-salute/


To us APB students it rises the questions of what the media is doing to protect and not show flaws that the president. Even though some people do write stories that criticize our president it can be easily removed if it brings up suspicions of who he really is. Also, it may bring up the question of what kind of role model the president can be seen to us. Also what kind of role model he is setting for the people to respect our service men.

Kings and Blackhawks Epic Playoff Series


For the third year in a row, the Los Angeles Kings are in round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and for the second year in a row, it’s against the Chicago Blackhawks. Last year, it didn’t go so well for the L.A. Kings, as they were eliminated by the Blackhawks, with a series score of 4-1.

This year, the Kings are up up in the series 3-2, with a chance to put away the ‘hawks on Friday. They almost put Chicago away yesterday in a thriller that ended in 2OT, with the game winning goal coming at the hands of Michael Handzus.


The Kings just have to win one of the next two games to avenge last year’s loss to the Blackhawks and make it to the Stanley Cup for the 2nd time in 3 years. The Kings return to the Staples Center on Friday to try to put the ‘hawks away here at home, while the Blackhawks will hope to take game 6 and then fly back to Chicago to win game 7.



Santa Monica High School incident between teacher and student

An incident between a teacher and a student occurred Friday in Santa Monica High School. A cell phone video reveals that science and wrestling teacher, Mark Black is wrestling a student to the ground in a classroom. It is said that the student attacked the teacher because the teacher discovered drugs on the student. Mark Black got suspended because of the confrontation between him and the student. About 10,000 people have liked the Facebook page  “We Support Coach Black of Samohi” to show their support to Mark Black.

According to Matt Stevens, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified District Official, De la Torre stated, “It’s a huge controversy when teachers put their hands on students.” It is very controversial whose fault it truly was because the teacher was just defending himself. Brent Wright, a former assistant of Black’s stated that Black was “one of the most loving and compassionate” person he has ever met.

When asked a junior from Animo Pat Brown if she believed that it was right for the teacher to defend himself and fight back she responded, “I think it is okay as long as he did not try to hurt the student and as long as he did not grab him in an inappropriate way.”

Many people are in favor of the teacher because they don’t believe he did anything wrong by defending himself. On the other hand, some people believe it is wrong that he wrestled the student. There are certain situations when it is okay to defend yourself. An example is this, the student was the one who started and the teacher just defended himself while trying to restrain him.


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