Argentina World Cup Qatar 2022 Champions


The World Cup Qatar 2022 Champions of the world! After defeating the French National team. The game ended in a draw score of 3-3. The game came up to penalties to decide the winner of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Argentina defeated the French team in penalties 4-2 making them the final winners. Argentina was defeated in the finals by Germany in 2014. In 2018, Argentina was eliminated in the round of sixteen by France. Argentina then improved to try to work themselves to become the World Cup Champions of 2022. They did become the winners, but it was not easy for them to become champions. An Argentina fan, senior Adrian Salcido Had said that, “Argentina really suffered to win but what worried me was when Argentina had lost their first game of the world cup”. Another fan, Anthony Herrera said that, “Argentina started playing really badly but the good thing was that they learned from their mistakes which made them win the World Cup”.

In the 2022 World Cup group stage, Argentina faced three different teams. The three teams on Argentina’s group stage were Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. The first game Argentina had in the world cup was against Saudi Arabia. This game ended in a loss for Argentina sending them to the bottom of the leaderboard. The second game against Mexico they won and got themselves in second place on the board. The third game was against Poland and they won which helped them qualify for the round of sixteen stage. During the whole group stage, Argentina only lost one game which then they were forced to win both games if they wanted to qualify to the round of sixteen. They did qualify and they qualified on the side with Poland sending them both to the round of sixteen. 

Argentina’s game in the round of sixteen was against Australia. The game was decided to be played on December 3, 2022. The day of the match, commentators were arguing who had a much better squad to advance. Argentina and Australia fans were crowding up the stadium. The game started and Argentina had scored a goal in the thirty fifth minute. Lionel Messi was the Argentinian who had scored the first goal of the game giving Argentina the lead of the game in the first half. The first half had ended and Argentina was still winning 1-0. The second half of the match had started. Argentina had already scored a second goal in the fifty seventh minute giving Argentina a two goal lead. Julian Alvarez had scored the second goal of the game. This was a big advantage for Argentina to win the game. Eventually Australia had woken up and scored their first goal of the game making the score 2-1. Enzo Fernandez scored the goal to give a point in the seventy seventh minute. Australia needed one more goal in order to tie the game. Australia was trying their best to score but Argentina’s defense was doing their job right which complicated the game for Australia. Eventually the game came to an end leaving the score 2-1, sending Argentina to the quarter finals and eliminating Australia from the world cup.


Argentina was facing the Netherlands in the quarter finals. The game was going to be played December 9, 2022. The day came, Argentina and Netherlands were already warming up on the pitch and the fans were already filling up the stadium. The game then started and Argentina had already scored the first goal giving them the lead. Nahuel Molina scored in the thirty fifth minute making the score 1-0. The first half of the game had ended and Argentina was still winning 1-0. Second half then started and at the eighty third minute, the Netherlands had scored their goal to bring the score to a tie. Wout Weghorst was the player who made the score 1-1. Eventually Argentina scored another goal making the game 2-1. Lionel Messi had scored a goal at the seventy third minute making them take the lead. The game was coming to an end when the Netherlands scored a second goal making the score 2-2. Denzel Dumfries had scored at the one hundred twenty eight minute bringing the game to a tie. The game ended at a 2-2 score but was taken to penalties to decide a winner. Argentina ended up winning the penalties making them advance to the semi finals and eliminating the Netherlands from the world cup.


Argentina vs Croatia was going to be on December 13, 2022. They were going to be playing their semi final game. The game day came. Croatia and Argentina were already warming up as the crowd entered the stadium. The game started and Argentina had scored a goal in the thirty fourth minute. Lionel Messi had scored the goal giving Argentina the lead and making the game 1-0. Eventually Argentina scored their second goal taking a two goal lead. Julian Alvarez had scored the second goal for Argentina making the game 2-0. The first half had ended. Then the second half started and Argentina then scored their third goal giving them a three goal lead. Julian Alvarez had scored his second goal which made the game 3-0. Argentina had a big advantage to win. Croatia was trying their best to score the most they were able to. Eventually the game ended 3-0. Argentina had advanced to the finals and Croatia was sent to fight for the third place position.


Croatia was going to face Morocco in the fight for 3rd position in the leaderboard of the World Cup. The game was going to be on December 17, 2022.  The game day came and fans from Croatia and Morocco were filling up the stadium. During that time both national teams were warming up for their last game in the world cup. Both teams had listened to their own national anthem and then after started the game. As the first half was being played, Croatia scored the first goal of the game making the marker 1-0. Josko Gvardiol had scored the first goal of the third place competition in the seventh minute. Eventually two minutes later Morocco had scored their goal to equalize the game making the marker 1-1. Achraf Dari had scored for his national team keeping them alive in the fight. At the end of first half, Croatia had scored their second goal, giving them the lead of the game. Mislav Orsic scored the second goal, making the marker 2-1. First half of the game ended and twenty minutes later the second half started. In the second half Croatia had dropped down to defend their goal net. Unfortunately Morocco was not successful in tying up the game. Croatia were the winners of the game giving them the third place position in the World Cup Qatar 2022. 


World Cup 2026 is coming up in four years and the national teams are already looking for who they may take to represent their country. The Next world cup will be held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This means the World Cup will have three different countries to run the World Cup 2026.