Senior Activities

Senior Activities

Seniors this year should be given a chance to have memorable activities due to it being their last year of high school.

Seniors at APB want and need more variety of senior activities so the year is memorable for them. Current seniors weren’t able to enjoy any school field trips or activities during their 10th and 11th grade because of Covid-19. It isn’t fair that seniors have less activities because of something that is out of their control.
When interviewing Adrian Salcido, a senior at APB, we asked how he felt about the senior activities we’ve had and he said “I think we need more senior activities. The school isn’t trying enough. the student council isn’t trying hard enough.”

To get a better understanding of what is happening we talked to an anonymous member of the Student Council . When asked how many activities we will end up having in total, they responded by saying “about 10 but they’ll be super duper fun. We’re doing less than almost every other senior class besides the class of 2020”. Activities that seniors can expect by the end of the year are prom, Grade Nite, senior ditch day, picnic, and possibly senior prank day.

In the previous years the seniors have had a variety of activities. We wanted to see what types of field trips and activities older seniors had so we interviewed an APB alumni, senior Anthony Herrera’s uncle (Armando2014) .When asked what type of activities he had throughout senior year, was “the activities I had in senior year were mostly field trips like going to the beach and also senior prank day. Everyone pranked the teachers and it was the best.” We also asked Armando if there was one activity that stood out to him. Armando stated “the senior activity that stood out to me the most was prom night and grad night. They were thrilling and I cherished every moment of it since most of my friends would be moving far to continue their career path.”

We noticed that seniors are often treated very differently in other schools than ours. When I talked to some other seniors from different schools they were more laid back and less stressed about classes. A senior at Bellflower High who wants to stay anonymous said “My school is cool, we’ve had a couple field trips to colleges and a park this year already and we still have more to come.”
We spoke to the current seniors and they said some things we could do include going to the beach, a talent show, going bowling and maybe even ditch day. We believe that these types of things are very realistic and the school shouldn’t have any trouble setting these things up.

I asked a fantastic teacher Ms.Garcia if she enjoyed her senior year and if there were any moments that stood out during her senior year and she said “Yes, I’d say I enjoyed my senior year the most out of all the years in high school. Several memories stand out: being on the yearbook, prom, grad night at Disneyland.”

Seniors should be able to have activities throughout the year for it to be memorable. Seniors should be able to do things like senior prank. These types of senior activities are the ones that people look up for. There’s no point in making a prank if we need permission to do the prank. Seniors should be allowed to do activities without any repercussions.