Immigrant Caravan marching towards US border

Imagine leaving your birthplace- or should I say, your home, the only place you know  behind to chase after a dream you can only hope will come true because your home is no longer safe but a danger to you and your family.  What do you do? You travel for months by foot to reach your destination with only a limited amount of food and water, barely any money left and in some cases with a child in arms. This stopped being an imagination or a dream for some but a reality for thousands of people. A numerous amount of families have left their homes behind in search of a safe haven in the United States. There has been an estimate of about 5,000+  people traveling from Central America towards the Mexico/ US border. Many people stopped along the way but there is still a numerous amount of people who kept going. They got this far by stopping along the way to have some sleep and eat. Some people along the way were nice enough to feed some of them and help who they could. It usually takes about 1 to 2 months to get to the Mexico/U.S. border on foot. Trump recently reacted to the caravan by saying, “We would save billions of dollars if the democrats would give us the votes to build the wall. Either way, people would NOT be allowed into our country illegally! We will close the entire Southern Border if necessary. Also, STOP THE DRUGS!” he tweeted Tuesday night, December 3, 2018. Trump illustrates that he is willing to do anything to keep these “illegal immigrants”  from crossing the border illegally. He is even willing to shut down the entire Southern Border if he has to. Now, instead of arriving here and being welcomed her open arms they were received with tear gasses and rubber bullets. Some people are still there but others were deported back to there country.

Soccer Player accused for Rape

By Dulce Rivera

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional Portuguese footballer who plays as forward in the team Juventus. He earned the title as the best Portuguese player of all time from the Portuguese Football Federation. Cristiano had scored his first international goal, but had also succeed in helping Portugal reach the finals. Later, in his career he received the Silver Boot for being the second highest goal scorer. Although, one wrong decision made by Cristiano may end up ruining his future career.


Back in 2009, Cristiano was in Las Vegas in a nightclub named Rain inside the Palms Hotel and Casino were he was seen with a women name Kathryn Mayorga. Later that following day, Mayorga filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada that Cristiano had raped her even when she didn’t give her consent. Though the case was immediately closed.

Cristiano seen with Mayorga in the nightclub Rain.

Now after 9 years from the case being close it is now re-opened again. The Las Vegas police had re-opened the case because Mayorga is now suffering psychological damage due to the incident. According to Mayorga lawsuit Cristiano and the rest of his team had taken advantage of her weak and emotional mindset. Though Mayorga mentions that she was forced to sign a settlement and disclosure agreement back in 2009. She then later mentions how she was paid by Cristiano $375,000 to stay silent. In the beginning, according to the judge Mayorga had feared public humiliation if she had mention Cristiano as the person who raped her. Now many of Cristiano sponsors are concerned if the rape is true.

 The secret argreement signed by Mayorga and Cristiano back in 2010.

Mariners Apartment Complex

Many artists in their career have a change in style, which is not uncommon. Personally, I have noticed that Lana Del Rey always has a different sound with each album she has released. Which gives her music uniqueness in order to prevent having her albums sound repetitive. Del Rey has written all her songs by herself or with someone with the exception of several songs she has made covers to. In overall, the thing that makes all her songs unique is that all her songs are stories. She has said in several interviews that each of her songs tells a story that not necessarily is about her. Which is something that I find incredible because her songs are like small romance novels. Many of her songs are about some personal feelings or even experiences, but most of them are just stories she gets inspired to tell. Del Rey has evens said she is first a writer than a singer, which shows her music is more than just hit songs in a chart but actual art.

Lana Del Rey, like most artists, drops a single before the entire album. Which is nothing new, but since her albums are all different and tell a story, the new single usually give fans a hint of the new sound. Mariners Apartment Complex was released on Septemeber with a music video. Listening to the song for the first time in a loud room did not sound good nor did it gave me the chills or emotions Lana’s music usually gives me. When I got home that day and listened to it in a quiet place, it gave me this peace and image of the story behind the song. The song itself speaks of a girl who is telling their partner that they should not feel afraid of the love they have for them. That maybe she not may be in the best state emotionally since she speaks about having her “darkness and deepness” which defines who she is. It a song about deep emotions that both have that make them compatible with each other. The girl can help her partner out of feeling lost and their sins. As well, as her partner is the only one that understands that what makes her herself is how sad she is. The song is like a confession telling her partner how much she admires that person for who they are and their flaws. To stay with her and not keep looking because she is the one for that person.


Goodbye Technology. Hello Ethnic Studies!

By: Shirley Zavala, Jessica Moreno, Elmer Garcia and Lindsey Rodriguez

Incoming freshmen students check their schedules and they see Ethnic Studies listed. No surprise for the freshmen but when their older siblings in APB see their schedule, they question where’s technology class though? Well we were all wondering the same thing.

This school year some students were surprised when they noticed that the technology class was filled with flags of different countries and a new teacher standing outside the classroom. As it turns out, the technology room was replaced with a new class, Ethnic Studies.

This class provides students the chance to study different races and cultures expressed by the state, civil society, and by single individuals. But does this class offer the same or even greater amount of positive effects for the new Class of 2022?

Freshman students have reported that they never had a technology class in their middle school. This would make it difficult for students to type assignments at an average level.

But freshman students like Eliu Patino have trouble. “It helps us with punctuation but let’s say you put caps lock on accident…without looking… you end up with all caps”.

Another freshman student, Alexis Carranza said he also didn’t have a technology class in middle school and also finds it difficult to type assignments with few errors. Just like these two freshmen students others may have difficulties using technology for their assignments. Freshman said they would find it helpful if they could have a technology class in their upcoming school year. 




“I think the other teachers will probably end up trying to figure out how to put the skills in their class.” said Mrs. Espiritu. Students will not have the same opportunities as students who took technology and will need to learn those skills in different classes. Mrs. Palioungas talked about how in the class the students were taught to write professional emails and it is important for students to learn how to communicate via online because nowadays many jobs require basic technology skills.

We talked to Mr. Reed about the decisions that led up to this change. What lead up to the decision of them replacing technology with Ethnic Studies? ”We were hiring a 9th grade electives teacher so we published and add… we looked to see who were the most qualified people who were applying… and made a decision on who was the most qualified teacher and Ethnic Studies was the chosen one” Mr. Reed said.

So we know what led up to the decision of getting rid of technology class but how will the students technology skills be affected? ”

…Ethnic studies classes help impact students in all of their classes it helps them form a better sense of their identity, gain greater pride in their identity its really good for them socially and emotionally and is an important topic worth learning about” Mr.Reed said. The question of the lack of technology is still at hand, where were the students going to learn these skills? Well that was thought of as well. Students will need to take time out of their schedule to learn vital skills that technology offered, the whole team of staff members carefully thought about the where they can incorporate the skills needed in the classroom. For example practicing typing drills and how to set up Google Docs in English class. They are also trying to fit in 3D printing in the 9th grade Guidance class.

The school was able to incorporate both Technology and this new great class that can teach students a lot about the world around them and about themselves so they can be prepared in life and in school. Which is great since APB’s goal is to prepare students for, ”College, Life, and Leadership”.

Cursing at APB

By: Francisco Cernas

Proper Language has always been a problem to enforce at schools that may never change. Teachers and staff members always attempt to correct a student’s language when they use inappropriate words. But why? Do inappropriate words halt the progression of learning in a school environment? How does cursing affect students behavior in a classroom? Should cursing have more upsetting consequences? Why isn’t cursing tolerated at schools?








Teachers believe that appropriate language is absolutely needed  in order to create a positive environment, which is filled with mutual respect, and teachers believe cursing only leads to bad behavior and negative outlooks.

When asked how often he hears inappropriate words during school, Junior Hector Guardia said, “I hear cursing all the time during lunch in the halls.”

In high schools, you can overhear conversations walking through the hall and you will frequently hear cursing. It is not uncommon for a teenager in high school to be cursing, most high schoolers curse on a daily basis. It is part of a student’s vocabulary, they use swearing words so casually and it starts to become something normal. But why do students swear  consistently?

Hector furthermore said, “It’s something about curse words that add emphasis to what you’re saying”.

According to Education World, “Some swear to gain the attention of their teacher or classmates. Some swear to impress their peers. Some swear to express strong emotions, such as anger, distress, or frustration. And some swear to attack someone who has hurt them.”

The use of cursing has to do with an individual’s personal life, what is going on at home. If a student’s parents are cursing at home, the student is more likely to curse as well.

When asked about the importance of appropriate language,  Junior Robert Pereira said, “It is important because it makes you sound professional and it gives a good image of yourself”.

It is hard to say whether appropriate language is crucial for succeeding in school, but you can conclude that cursing is not recommended or commendable. Better to set a positive environment and give a friendly vibe than to seem aggressive and ill-mannered.

Jobs for Teens

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By: Jasmine P, Jenni S, Linda D

It’s that time where some students need a job to be able to continue their schooling. There’s so many jobs where you can personally apply to if you want to start working or even gain more experience! Hear out from some of your peers on what they have to say about their experience(s)!


So why do some students work? APB senior Yeni said that “working is worth it, I work because I just love money” she also said that working isn’t really that hard as long as you know how to manage your time with school and work. Another student that also works is APB Junior, Yamileth Osorio who currently works at a fast food restaurant and claims that working is not that hard she said that, “It all depends on you”.

Working is easy and very beneficial towards yourself , you don’t have to depend on your parents no more once you’re already working and getting your own money.


Now what if you want to start working? How do you get permission from the school? Principal Reed stated that working while you’re in high school is a great experience because you can gain leadership experiences and learn to be independent. But, you can only get a work permit if you have good grades. Students can not be failing any classes at all. If any students tends to fail any classes while he/she is working there will be a meeting with your parents and Mr.Reed discussing about how to pick up your grades and just question you on why did they suddenly drop.  


But here are some good jobs where you can apply to with some of the requirements.  



KFC offers jobs for students who are in the minimum age of 16 years old.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell offers jobs for 16-year-old teenagers, but sometimes lower depending upon the location.



For Wal-Mart the job opportunity for 16-year-old and older at Wal-Mart stores



Girls, if you love jewelry and accessories then this would be a perfect fit for you! You must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible for hire as an associate at Claire’s.



In order to work here you must be either 14, 15, 16, or 18.

To be a crew member- the minimum age is generally 14 years old.

Night closures- must be 18 years old, responsible for cleaning of restaurant after close of business.

Cashier- Minimum starting age is 16 years old

Shift Manager- have to be at least 18 years old



In order to be a team member you must be hard working, team-oriented, friendly, honest and have great customer skills. Minimum age is generally 16 years old or younger.

Dining Room Host/Hostess you must at least be 18 years old, height between 5’6-5’11 due to suit size.

For kitchen staff you must prepare a variety of foods according to the customers’ orders. Must be at least 18 years old.


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