Cursing at APB

By: Francisco Cernas

Proper Language has always been a problem to enforce at schools that may never change. Teachers and staff members always attempt to correct a student’s language when they use inappropriate words. But why? Do inappropriate words halt the progression of learning in a school environment? How does cursing affect students behavior in a classroom? Should cursing have more upsetting consequences? Why isn’t cursing tolerated at schools?








Teachers believe that appropriate language is absolutely needed  in order to create a positive environment, which is filled with mutual respect, and teachers believe cursing only leads to bad behavior and negative outlooks.

When asked how often he hears inappropriate words during school, Junior Hector Guardia said, “I hear cursing all the time during lunch in the halls.”

In high schools, you can overhear conversations walking through the hall and you will frequently hear cursing. It is not uncommon for a teenager in high school to be cursing, most high schoolers curse on a daily basis. It is part of a student’s vocabulary, they use swearing words so casually and it starts to become something normal. But why do students swear  consistently?

Hector furthermore said, “It’s something about curse words that add emphasis to what you’re saying”.

According to Education World, “Some swear to gain the attention of their teacher or classmates. Some swear to impress their peers. Some swear to express strong emotions, such as anger, distress, or frustration. And some swear to attack someone who has hurt them.”

The use of cursing has to do with an individual’s personal life, what is going on at home. If a student’s parents are cursing at home, the student is more likely to curse as well.

When asked about the importance of appropriate language,  Junior Robert Pereira said, “It is important because it makes you sound professional and it gives a good image of yourself”.

It is hard to say whether appropriate language is crucial for succeeding in school, but you can conclude that cursing is not recommended or commendable. Better to set a positive environment and give a friendly vibe than to seem aggressive and ill-mannered.

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