By: Axlin lucio & Kimberly Lua

  After all this is a very important question to ask yourself, The School shooting in Parkland Florida really left everyone worried about who would be next. The safety in schools  has been question for many years but has there been any precautions taken in case of a big attack?. We asked a student Daniela Grajeda 12th grader here at APB what did she think “ I don’t think we can have a shooting her at our school we are in the middle of south central but neither do I think our school is safe enough because we can never know what may happen the day after tomorrow” In the words of her own she doesn’t not think APB is safe enough in case of a emergency. It’s true our school is based in a area where we wouldn’t expect these kind of attacks here at APB, yet this is a lot of gang violence around we have even experienced people roaming around our school and robbing the students in the past months . The school administrations responded by bringing in more security and supervising the area more often.


Indiana High School is reported to be the safest in America. The school safety system includes Cámaras with direct feed to the country sheriffs , panic buttons for teachers and smoke canyons in hallways to prevent the shooter  to get any further in the school. inclusive class doors are made with more protective material , with glass being bulletproof. “ This sounds like a really good school the students at that high school must feel really protected even the teachers but the cost of all that must of been really high” Student Kimberly Garcia 11th grader states .Indeed the price for this whole security system was 400,000 dollars ! This is a lot of money for APB to ever have. Parts of the money was given by grants and the rest by virginia mayor.  Of course this school is the safest but not all school can afford to have it and that’s the sad part.


APB doesn’t have that kind of safety system but it all begins with Us as students .There is many precautions we can take in case of a emergency without having panic buttons, or high security cameras . In case of a emergency in our school it’s important to stay calm and gather in a place where you know is safe and will be found by the administration. In every classroom there is a evacuation plan by the door don’t hesitate to take a look at it and know which way to go in a panic hour. Teachers In classrooms always say to go at the end of the class and be quite inclusive protect each other. Listen to directions you won’t just be helping yourself but everyone else around you. APB has glass protective doors and security to prevent a event like in parkland Florida but in case of any thing happening the day after tomorrow remember to stay calm and wait for help while you help the other around you keeping calm and taking deep breaths to prevent panic attacks. To avoid is being NEXT.


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